Peter SingerFounder
Charlie BreslerExecutive Director
Neela SaldanhaBoard Member


The Life You Can Save (TLYCS): Our core organization, based in the U.S. with a worldwide staff, promotes effective giving and recommends a list of highly effective charities proven to protect and improve life for those living in global extreme poverty.

The Life You Can Save Australia: This new Australian affiliate charity brings our work to Peter Singer's home country with the purpose of helping to alleviate global extreme poverty and suffering.

High Impact Philanthropy (HIP): This partnership with Samhita Social Ventures, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enterprise in Mumbai, uses TLYCS as a model to raise money for organizations doing effective poverty work within India.

Peter SingerFounder
Jon BeharStrategic AdvisorThe Life You Can Save
Stacey BlackDirector of MarketingThe Life You Can Save
Charlie BreslerExecutive DirectorThe Life You Can Save
Holly CrockfordPartnerships & Development ManagerThe Life You Can Save
The Life You Can Save Australia
Yoshiko InoueDirector, LegalThe Life You Can Save
Angela KalayjianDonor Relations ManagerThe Life You Can Save
Kathryn Mecrow-FlynnPhilanthropic Educator & Curriculum DeveloperThe Life You Can Save
Priya NaikStrategic AdvisorHigh Impact Philanthropy
Anushree ParekhIndia LeadHigh Impact Philanthropy
Amy SchwimmerCharity Relations Lead & Senior EditorThe Life You Can Save
Kristin SiladyVice President of CommunicationsThe Life You Can Save
Llamil SilmanChief Technology OfficerThe Life You Can Save
Anam VadgamaHIPsterThe Life You Can Save
High Impact Philanthropy
Rickard VikstromChief Operating OfficerThe Life You Can Save
The Life You Can Save Australia
Joanna WalterFinance ManagerThe Life You Can Save Australia
Diana WilsonDirector of FinanceThe Life You Can Save


Eric Gastfriend
Joshua Greene
Michael Quinn
Vidushi Sharma


The Life You Can Save's Panel of Experts curates our charity recommendations, aggregating the best research from outside sources and adding scrutiny. Read more about our selection methodology.

Peter Singer
Caroline Fiennes
Eric Friedman
Dean Karlan


Tim Agius
Julio Banfi
Walter Cohen
Rupert Hill
Loren Kock
Julie Lacy


Nicole Dewey
Martha Richter

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