What We Do

The mission of The Life You Can Save is to help change the culture of giving in affluent countries while dramatically raising annual donations to highly impactful nonprofits that reduce suffering and premature death for people living in extreme poverty.

Everything we do aims to expand awareness of the concept of “effective giving” and grow revenue for our Recommended nonprofits.  We have a small but dedicated Team that manages our website and marketing, creates content like our monthly newsletter, develops partnerships to help scale our impact, and engages in educational activities like our Giving Games program and public talks.  

Our results to date are captured in our 2016 Annual Report and our plans for the future are in our Strategic Plan.

We hope you’ll stay connected with our work by following us on social media and by subscribing to our newsletter. Please direct any questions or inquiries to [email protected], or directly to our Executive Director, Charlie Bresler, at [email protected]

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