An important update regarding Equalize Health

What has happened: In November 2022 The Life You Can Save received the sad news that our recommended charity Equalize Health has gone into administration and wi... Read more >

Prosecco, Please: From Bitter Champagne to Cheaper “Champagne”

Harnessing the power of diminishing marginal utility to save lives by Frank J. Martin Thinking at the margins will save lives. Focusing on the additional unit, the margin, is essential to making sound decisions in business. It also has the power to move us closer to meeting our moral obligation to give more of our resources to those who are suffering from a lack of them.   In Bitter Champagne, I offered a conceptual framework (the “Giving Trek”) to help us understand the multiple stages of gi... Read more >

Our Decision to No Longer Feature Zusha! On Our Best Charities List

Summary The Life You Can Save has recommended Zusha! as a Best Charity since 2018. We continue to be impressed with their research-based work to reduce vehicle accidents and fatalities in high mortality areas in Africa, particularly Kenya. However, at this time, The Life You Can Save does not have enough information about Zusha!’s future programming to recommend them as a Best Charity, and we have decided to remove them from our Best Charities list. We hope that the Zusha! program can realize ... Read more >

Reporting Correction to our 2020 Metrics

We recently discovered a significant reporting error related to our 2020 performance metrics in which a single large donation was miscounted, overstating the money we moved to our recommended nonprofits by $4 million. It is important to clarify that this was simply a clerical error; no money has been lost or unaccounted for. The Life You Can Save and The Life You Can Save Australia both have their accounts audited by independent auditors who have found their financial statements are fairly and... Read more >