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Profiles in Giving: Jonas Vredeveld
Jonas Vredeveld, a banker, lives in Chicago with his wife and six-month-old daughter. In this interview, he describes his motivations for giving.
3 smart tax tips for generous people (Canadian edition)
For those of us who pay taxes in Canada, tax day is fast approaching on April 30. Before you file, there's still time to lower your tax bill--and provide life-saving services to some of the world's poorest people. Here are three tips to consider before filing your taxes.
Buying to Give
If you’re like most people reading this post, you probably spend some money almost every day. You might pick up a few groceries, pay a bill, or meet a friend for supper. Amazingly, you can turn many of these everyday purchases into opportunities to help save lives and reduce poverty in developing countries—without using any of your own money. This post describes a few ways to do it. These approaches aren’t meant to replace any of your regular giving; instead they provide easy opportunities to give even more.
Profiles in Giving: Jenny Jacobs
Jenny Jacobs, a mother of two on a modest income in Yorkshire, UK, gives more than 10 percent of her income each year to effective charities. In this interview, she describes why she decided to increase her giving, how her giving makes her feel, and how she fits it into her budget.
The Joys of Giving Large
When you make a significant donation, there's a sense of contributing to a mission, of making a tangible impact, of feeling like you count. You don’t have to give a lot to make a difference, but if you can afford to give more you can help improve the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people. That feels like a privilege, not a sacrifice.
Complement Your Giving with Impact Investing
Over our lifetimes, many of us will invest more money for our retirement and other goals than we give to charities. Impact investing offers a way to put those investments to work in doing good, achieving social and environmental results that can complement your giving.
Feeding the Elephant
It's not always easy to sustain your motivation to give. Here are some tips for how to "feed your elephant" and renew your commitments.
Helping the Most Vulnerable Face a Changing Climate
Scientists predict that developing nations will be the most vulnerable to future climate change. But many of these countries have trouble handling even today’s climate and weather. How will they survive the much greater changes to come?
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
How do you say no to a charity when you've decided to shift your philanthropic priorities? This post offers suggestions.
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