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A Charity Election is a school-wide election where students vote on where to donate among a selection of charities chosen to inspire meaningful discussions and empower students to find their voice on complex global issues. Students research a selection of evidence-backed, impactful nonprofits and choose which will receive a sponsored donation. Charity Elections are a new form of Giving Game, sponsored by The Life You Can Save’s Giving Games Project.

Below is a record of The Charity Elections we have held so far, including pictures for the students and organizers!
Classroom Giving Games launched this semester:  What have we learnt so far?
Below is a summary of the Altruistic Accounting Report, a detailed impact report prepared by Nicole Sutton of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Here Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn, Project Lead of the Giving Game Project, highlights the key results of the first semester incorporating classroom Giving Games into an undergraduate accounting course at UTS. This is a follow up to our posts on the partnership and pilot results.
Speed Giving Games in Monroe Park!  A promising model for effective Speed Giving Games
It can be challenging to expect a high turnout in a classroom setting. Students have already spent hours attending lectures! We wanted to make learning about charities open to everyone in a fun environment. What better place to host a Giving Game than the campus hub of Virginia Commonwealth University, Monroe Park.
Bringing Giving Games to Fall Activity Fairs!
The Life You Can Save’s Giving Games Project and One For The World are collaborating to bring high impact philanthropy to hundreds of college students during fall outreach events. This builds upon the insight we gained from holding Giving Games with One For The World chapters during the 2018- 2019 academic year. We are additionally pleased to add to our resource library two instructional videos on the content of a standard 60-90 minute Giving Game and each step of the Giving Game Platform. These materials were initially designed to assist chapter leaders, but we hope they will be of broader assistance to our network of facilitators.
Launching the Giving Games Platform
The Giving Games Project is delighted to make available a customizable Giving Games Platform and instructions for each stage of its use. This is a core component of our efforts to improve and systematize our impact tracking. The Life You Can Save and the Giving Games Project would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Luke Freeman for his tireless work creating the Platform and for his guidance on each stage of our impact tracking and David Moss and Catherine Low for their guidance on the concept and survey design.
Giving Games held at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences;  A Case Study in how The Giving Games Project tracks its impact
In early May, Chris O'Bleness and Paige Ely facilitated a Giving Game at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences’ Family Medicine Interest Group (PNWU). This blog will use the Giving Game results as a case study to consider how we measure the impact from Giving Games and what we hope to achieve.  
Altruistic Accounting: teaching effective decision-making through charitable giving
In 2018, University of Technology Sydney partnered with The Life You Can Save as part of an effort to explore ways that accounting education can be designed to provide inspiring learning experiences. Here is the second blog in that series.
Giving Games and the Launch of High Impact Philanthropy
In January 2019, The Life You Can Save’s Executive Director, Charlie Bresler, visited India to facilitate Effective Giving Workshops with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers, Indian philanthropists, and High Net Worth Individuals.
Giving Games hosted by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy  and One for the World, Penn Undergraduate Chapter
The University of Pennsylvania’s One for the World Undergraduate Chapter partnered with The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) to host Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn from The Live You Can Save’s Giving Games project.
Giving Games goes to the University of Technology Sydney
Nicole Sutton and her teaching team at the University of Technology Sydney have developed a Giving Game which simultaneously teaches students about High Impact Philanthropy and the practical application of core accounting concepts.
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