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what I gave in 2018
Contributor Rachel Maley explains why her favorite winter activity is recapping her charitable donations for the year, and how she's given generously and "in the best way possible" for the past 5 years.
4 Ways to Donate Better
From picking a worthy charity to making your contribution go further, there's a lot to learn about how to be the most effective altruist you can be. Here are 4 essential tips for making your donation.
I gave away $2,239.93 last year. Here's where it went.
Since committing to effective altruism in 2013, I have given away thousands of dollars to many different charities. Looking back on 2015, how did I do?
How I pick my favorite effective charities
Even after narrowing your options down to highly-effective charities, there are plenty of organizations worthy of your support. So how do you choose? I'll tell you about my four favorite The Life You Can Save-recommended charities, and give you some tips on how you could go about choosing yours.
Is there such a thing as
Effective altruists are guided by the heart and the head. We love numbers and transparency. We like knowing exactly where our money is going, how many people it's helping, and how our chosen charities plan to do even more in the future. But we all started giving for a reason: to help others. When I first began making charitable donations, I didn't even consider those charities' effectiveness. I gave because their mission moved me. I gave because I read appeal letters and beneficiaries' testimonials, and I knew that I wanted to make a difference.
You CAN Keep Your Resolution to Give More
Based on Peter Singer’s income-based recommendations, which he discusses in his TED Talk on effective altruism, I chose to give more than 10% of my annual income to effective charities in 2014. Instead of being daunted by what might seem like a big sacrifice to make, I am now excited to look at my finances at the end of each month and see what I can give. You've already resolved to be more altruistic, so start with these small steps and make it happen in 2015.
Give effectively to make your good deeds better
Does supporting effective charities mean that we have to give up on the causes close to us? It's not quite so black and white.
What do you do with your optimism?
Declining to support certain charities doesn't mean we've closed our hearts to those causes -- it means that we are optimistic about how great an impact we can really make.
Giving Back on Your Big Day
Now that wedding season is in full swing, here are some ideas that might not be on the registry.
How much makes a difference?
Can you really make a difference in the lives of others? Live Below the Line shows us just how much good we can do.
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