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How effective philanthropy gives me purpose
I donate to charity on a monthly basis, rather than a standard yearly schedule, for several reasons. First, I think it’s easier to give more money if you give a little bit at a time. I also think I can get better sense of what percent of my income can readily go to charities in smaller increments. And finally, it keeps me actively involved with the causes I’m contributing to. I don’t just give my money to an organization and hope it does well—I read their literature, look at the research, consider the important features of the case on my own. In so doing, I find I’m not plagued with self-concern about my place in the world and what I should be doing. I have a fairly good sense of what I should be doing—I’m just trying to figure out how to do it better.
Living with Less: What We Can Learn from the Tiny House Movement
A growing number of people are consciously choosing to live more modestly. Their choices can help us re-examine what we need to be happy.
Global Warming and the Need to Give
Global warming has serious implications for how, where, and why we should give to charity.
Why Do Donors Worry About High Salaries?
The fact that some charity CEOs are very well-compensated should play no part in our deciding where to donate. So why does it still bother us?
Are You Part of the 1%?
It seems nearly everyone is discussing income inequality in the United States. The subject is so important in contemporary political debates that President Obama made it the central focus of his 2014 State of the Union address. And it is undeniable that the richest are getting richer, while everyone else’s wages appear to be stagnating.

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