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Just Give! It's Not about Changing the World
This is the second of a two part series addressing some of the more common concerns about giving any significant portion of what is yours to help others. I explore why the scale of the problem you seek to remedy isn't what counts, and how you can find the right perspective to give.
Just Give! It's Not About You
The first of two blogs addressing some of the more common concerns that come along with giving any significant portion of what is yours to help others. There is a healthy dose of opinionated bias along the way, so please feel free to comment, discuss, and challenge after reading.
The Promise of Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is one of the biggest buzzwords in business, and nonprofits around the world are starting to take notice and adapt crowdfunding practices to their own organisations. Is this a trend we should celebrate?
How Much Should Go to the Cause?
Think of your favourite charity. Now imagine that they reported overhead costs (admin, salaries, etc.) of 40% or more. Would you still hold them in such high regard? If not, you may have fallen victim to the overhead myth. For a long time, overheads, or the portion of funds used on operating costs, have taken centre stage in the evaluation of nonprofit efficiency and effectiveness. Recently this notion has been dragged out and put under scrutiny, and it's not faring well.

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