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Challenge yourself to Live Below the Line!
I'm taking the Live Below the Line challenge, and I'm challenging you to take it with me! Live Below the Line is an opportunity to raise funds and awareness around extreme poverty. For 5 days, people taking the Live Below the Line challenge must feed themselves on no more than $1.50 per day - the equivalent of what 1.4 billion people the world over have to live on.
We're doing a trial run of our pamphleting effort this spring at colleges in Los Angeles, California. If our measurements show (and our volunteers agree) that this strategy is a winner for us, we'll look to expand it into other geographies. If you're in the Los Angeles area and would like to join Jonathon and me on college campuses, send me an email. We'd love to have you!
Success Story: The Fred Hollows Foundation
My Linh was born with cataracts in both her eyes and by 2nd grade, her sight was fading. Her mother, Loan, could hear her daughter crying at night because My Linh could not study or play with her friends. Read about how The Fred Hollows Foundation's cost-effective health care services gave My Linh the gift of sight.
Success Story: Project Healthy Children (PHC)
Project Healthy Children works closely with governments, private industries, and partner agencies to design and implement food fortification programs that improve the health of children, women, and men around the world every time they eat a meal. Project Healthy Children (PHC) is one of The Life You Can Save's recommended charities, and most recently aided the Liberian government in spearheading a successful food fortification program. Learn more about PHC's cost-effective work in Liberia in this month's Success Story from The Life You Can Save.
Success Story: Possible
Before she turned one, Priyanka Bhul fell forward into a cooking fire in her home. For 11 years, Priyanka lived with debilitating burn injuries, until she received medical treatment at a Possible clinic. Possible is a non-profit health care company that delivers high-quality, low-cost health care to the world's poor, and is one of The Life You Can Save's recommended charities. This month's Success Story gives you a glimpse into the life changing health care services Possible provides through community clinics in rural Nepal.
Spreading the message through Live Below the Line
How do you spread a message nobody wants to hear?
How to Keep Your Pledge (9)
Strategy 9: Check in with yourself
Immediately after you make your next gift, I invite you to pause. Go to a quiet place in your house where you won't be disturbed. Put away all distractions (that means you, smartphone!), set a timer for five minutes, and sit. Stop. Then ask yourself "How do I feel about the gift I just made?"
How to Keep Your Pledge (8)
Strategy 8: Donate on pay day
It's pretty tough to make a donation when there's no money in the bank. Match your pledge to your cash flow by making your donation on pay day. Kat writes "Literally, the day that monthly pay comes into your bank account, send a percentage of it straight back out to your chosen charity.
How to Keep Your Pledge (7)
Strategy 7: Give away your raise
When you get a pay raise, the impulse is to increase your standard of living. A bigger paycheck each month can pay for a nicer car, a larger house, a better wardrobe. Don't do it. Instead of spending that raise on yourself, give it away. Make a commitment to maintain your standard of living.
How to Keep Your Pledge (6)
Strategy 6: Bring your friends
Call it what you will - peer pressure, herd mentality, in-group conformity - we humans tend to behave like our friends. Use it to your advantage! Get a friend, family member, or co-worker to take the pledge with you. Share your goals with each other, congratulate each other when you've hit a major milestone, and support each other if you start to flounder.
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