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You're on the global rich list
Enter your income at globalrichlist.com and you will see the surprising truth – you’re probably among the 1 percent of richest people in the world.
Altruism Icebreakers
Breaking the ice can be tough, even if you are quite comfortable with your altruism and think there are very strong reasons for doing it. It’s a stance that challenges some commonly held assumptions about morality - an obviously touchy issue. You may feel like it is never the appropriate moment to mention it. On a night out with your friends, casually mentioning the parable of the drowning child is probably counter-productive. But there are ways to talk about effective altruism without sounding preachy. Here are some tips for better altruism icebreakers.
The case for bragging
Talking openly about how much you donate sounds tacky, like you're putting yourself in the spotlight rather than the cause. But in fact, the reverse is true. If all you care about is saving lives, you should be communicating more about your generosity, not less. Talking about giving can encourage others to do the same and increase your impact in ways you didn't even suspect.

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