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Charity and Kanji - the meaning behind Altruism
After traversing the countryside and cityscapes of Japan through blistering summer heat and frosty autumn winds for three months, I began to wonder if there are parts of our idea of ‘charity’ which are globally recognised as fundamental. My studying of the language has made me reflect on the etymological nuances of ‘charity words’ and how they can help reinforce effective altruism.
The Gift of Sight: What you can do to reverse blindness
For as little as $25, we can restore sight to those living in need. Consider the case of three-year-old Cesaria, who lives in Burundi. Blind from birth, her parents abandoned her; her grandmother, Veronica, moved heaven and earth trying to get Cesaria necessary medical care. Thanks to The Fred Hollows Foundation, Cesaria's grandmother found Dr. Levi, the only person qualified to perform cataract surgery on children in Burundi, a country with a population of 10 million. Dr. Levi was able to give life-restoring sight to Cesaria. This means that Cesaria will finally have the opportunity to begin attending school and to receive an education may help save her from a life of poverty.
The Immediacy of Charity
Charity is a two-way life-affirming act. Those who seek to aid others are habitually rescued by the very people they try to save. Humanity needs a slow, gentle walk outside its comfort zone, and we can help our friends to access its life transforming potential by stepping out of the comfort zone with them.

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