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Here's an easy way to make effective giving part of your estate plans
You already give to evidence-backed charity. Now there's an easy way to make sure that you can continue to maximize the good that your money does for the global poor for years to come. We're excited to announce a new partnership with Charity Science that makes it simple and worry-free to support The Life You Can Save's recommended charities through effective estate planning.
Why we should fund innovations that work
The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is a funding organization that has the radical approach of funding organizations to get evidence of impact, and helping those who have the evidence to scale their programs to reach millions. This type of approach may seem obvious, but sadly it’s desperately need in the charity sector. Without the type of testing of projects GIF supports we wouldn’t know which interventions are actually effective and hence we’d just be guessing when trying to decide between the countless programs designed to improve life for millions around the world.
By Tom Ash, Charity Science

Charity Science and The Life You Can Save are excited to announce a new fundraiser called Experience Poverty, which will raise money to provide medical services for children suffering from debilitating parasitic worms. As well as helping to fundraise for deworming treatments for hundreds of children, Experience Poverty is an unusually good opportunity to connect with people who are interested in cost-effective charity and start conversations with them - something that is rare to find an excuse to do. Dozens of people and many effective altruist groups around the world are going to take part.

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