Want to delve deeper into the worlds of effective giving and proven interventions for improving lives of those living in extreme poverty? Read these blogs for suggestions of books by TLYCS founder Peter Singer and other experts in these fields. All offer great insights into human nature and how and why we can all truly help our fellow global citizens.

Reading, Listening and Viewing Recommendations for Altruism
Contributor Rob Mathers asked the Giving What We Can Community Facebook Group, “Are there any works e.g. movies, books or music that inspire you to be altruistic?” His compiled results provide a plethora of great suggestions.
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Write the World Notebooks (AKA The Love Project)
Kate Tapping had a tiny idea that grew into a project: Write the World notebooks, unique notebooks designed to make the world a better place. 
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Inspiring Generosity by Barbara Bonner (book review)
Barbara Bonner’s book Inspiring Generosity is a delightful combination of inspiring quotes about generosity and truly inspiring stories about people who exemplify generosity. Each quote reveals a different view of generosity, which combined are both moving and inspirational.
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