The Life You Can Save has recently joined the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. The name is often abbreviated to "the IF campaign", but I prefer to abbreviate it to "the Enough Food For Everyone campaign". Because there's enough food for everyone. No IFs, no BUTs. There's enough food for everyone...we're just not sharing it out fairly. But we should!
Personal Best
As Co-Director of The Life You Can Save, I am trying very hard to stop eating sugar (metaphorically speaking) – I am trying to cut back on useless consumption that harms my capacity to fight global poverty and also contributes to environmental destruction. This year my wife and I hope to reduce our consumption significantly, but it is hard work after so many years of acquiring bad habits relating to overconsumption.
“But I’m not doing enough!” Dealing with guilt as an effective altruist.
Peter Singer’s message is a powerful one. So powerful, in fact, that it makes many people feel that there is no limit to what they should give, and this can either turn them off of the whole idea completely or leave them with a constant feeling of guilt no matter how much they are giving. If this problem sounds familiar to you, let me tell you how I dealt with it.
How to live below the extreme poverty line
The Live Below the Line Challenge takes lots of planning. The challenge is designed to raise funds and awareness toward ending global poverty, by asking folks to feed themselves below the extreme global poverty line of $1.50 a day.

One rule of the challenge is you cannot accept donated food. This is the reason I'm starting the challenge a few days earlier than everyone else - I'm in process of changing jobs, and my coworkers have planned goodbye lunches and parties for me. So I've scheduled my 5 days of modest eating between celebrations full of food.
Peter Singer's TED talk
Welcome to our new website! We would like to launch our new blog by featuring the recent TED talk given by our founder, Peter Singer, about "effective altruism". Effective altruism is a movement sprung from the work of intellectual leaders such as Peter, and it involves trying to make the world as good as possible, using evidence and reason to find out how.
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