The Canonization of Inefficiency: Why we need to do better than Mother Teresa and the Vatican
The well-founded and well-documented criticism that has been lobbed at Mother Teresa since the mid-1990s has largely failed to shake her public perception as a saint. Her upcoming canonization begs the question how this is possible and what, if anything, we can we learn from this for our own giving habits.
A Request from The Giving Game Project
You can multiply the impact of your giving by supporting the Giving Game Fund. By sponsoring Giving Games, you can help participants learn by giving. You’ll still be able to help great charities, but you’ll get added leverage by influencing participants to give better and supporting the outreach efforts of effective giving advocates worldwide.
Promoting Effective Giving at Conferences via Speed Giving Games
Conferences provide an impactful opportunity to promote effective giving. This is the broad take-away from an experiment promoting effective giving at two conferences in recent months: the Unitarian Universalist (UU) General Assembly and the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) National Convention. This was an experiment run by Intentional Insights (InIn), a meta-charity devoted to promoting effective giving and rational thinking to a broad audience, with sponsorship from The Life You Can Save. This article will aim both to describe our experiences at the UU and SSA conferences, and serve as a guide to others who want to promote effective giving via conferences.
The Giving Game Project's Annual Report
With another school year in the books, it's time to take stock here at The Giving Game Project. This report reflects back on our progress over the last year, where we stand relative to our long-term goals, and our plans for the future.
Help us celebrate Peter Singer's 70th birthday!
On July 6th, Peter Singer turns 70 years old!

At The Life You Can Save, we’re celebrating this momentous day by drawing attention to the lasting impact Peter Singer’s scholarship and advocacy has had on the lives of the global poor. Make a donation to The Life You Can Save to wish Peter Singer a happy 70th birthday today and leave a message on his public donation wall! Or make a donation in Peter’s honor to one or several of our 17 recommended charities.
The Stories Behind the Data
Next time you see health or poverty statistics, or data used to evaluate the effectiveness of charities, take a moment to reflect on the hard work and dedication that must have gone into collecting the underlying data.
How To Resolve Disagreements about Effective Giving: Collaborative Truth-Seeking (Part 2)
What happens when you have disagreements about effective giving? Sure, you can argue, but will that really help resolve the disagreement well. Here's a technique that will help you resolve the disagreement in a collaborative fashion.
How To Resolve Disagreements About Effective Giving: The Problem with Debates (Part 1)
We all want to accomplish the broad goal of doing the most good per dollar. However, we often disagree on the best methods for doing the most good and on which organizations are most effective. This post will outline some of the problems with using debates to resolve disagreements, and suggest some alternative strategies to figuring out collaboratively how we can do the most good.
Should donors from developing countries give locally or internationally?
A dilemma always arises in the minds of Brazilian effective altruists: Given the difference in the exchange rates and the fact that Brazil is also a country with widespread poverty, is it still more effective to give overseas? After all we have 10 million people living below the poverty line, about 5 percent of the population. Also, whenever the dollar rises our donations seem to be worth a little less.
The Healing Arts Initiative Scandal Shows The Need For Effective Altruism
The scandal at the Healing Arts Initiative shows the need for all charities to measure themselves by their cost effectiveness rather than the emotionally engaging nature of stories they tell to donors. Recently, a social movement called effective altruism has been pushing the nonprofit sector to become more transparent and focus on measuring the cost effectiveness of their activities. By encouraging all charities to adopt the focus on cost effectiveness and transparency characteristic of this movement, we as individual donors can prevent future scandals and greatly improve the positive benefits of the nonprofit sector.
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