Emergency Relief Appeal

Emergency Relief Appeal

Disastrous events worsen the impacts of extreme poverty. Several of our recommended charities are tackling specific, neglected crises. In partnership with Double Up Drive and this year’s Match Drive, we are launching an Emergency Relief Appeal focused on crisis support. Here’s what these highly impactful charities are doing:

GiveDirectly Yemen Project:

In Yemen food prices have doubled in the past year, so GiveDirectly’s focus is helping Yemenis who cannot afford to eat with cash assistance to families.  This includes people displaced from their homes living in internally displaced person camps in Aden, Yemen, and low-income households in the communities around those camps in need of aid. GiveDirectly has a long history of rigorous evaluation and is well-positioned to provide aid in this ongoing crisis.

One Acre Fund:

Africa is now in a major food crisis – caused by a perfect storm of climate, COVID and conflict factors – with tens of millions at risk of slipping into extreme hunger. One Acre Fund is growing their programs to invest in farmers with financing and insurance support, using strong purchasing power to secure farm inputs at lower prices, and supporting climate-resilience through diversified offerings.


When disaster strikes, Oxfam works with a global network of local organizations to address urgent humanitarian needs and protect lives. You can view a list of the specific interventions by visiting this webpage.

This appeal will be open for donations through Double Up Drive’s website when the 2022 Match Drive launches on 6 December 2022. Visit doubleupdrive.org

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