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To help shift the culture of how much money we in developed countries give to charity, and how greatly we prioritize supporting cost-effective interventions addressing global extreme poverty, we all need to spread the effective giving message to our communities. Talking about giving should not be taboo or seen as bragging--it should be something that ethical citizens passionately discuss and promote.

Feeling Down? The Unexpected Pick-Me-Up...
If you’re feeling a little down, there’s always the tried and true methods of self-care: sleep, diet, exercise. But there’s another proven tactic that people often don’t think of, yet it’s far easier than getting yourself to the gym or saying no to a slice of cake: acts of kindness.
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How To Resolve Disagreements about Effective Giving: Collaborative Truth-Seeking (Part 2)
What happens when you have disagreements about effective giving? Sure, you can argue, but will that really help resolve the disagreement well. Here's a technique that will help you resolve the disagreement in a collaborative fashion.
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How To Resolve Disagreements About Effective Giving: The Problem with Debates (Part 1)
We all want to accomplish the broad goal of doing the most good per dollar. However, we often disagree on the best methods for doing the most good and on which organizations are most effective. This post will outline some of the problems with using debates to resolve disagreements, and suggest some alternative strategies to figuring out collaboratively how we can do the most good.
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Taking Distributions When You Don’t Need the Money to Live on
A 68 year old divorced man with two grown children wants to know how he can avoid paying unnecessary taxes on required distributions from his retirement accounts, which is money that he does not currently need. Can charitable giving provide a solution to this man's predicament?
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The Valentine’s Day Gift That Saves Lives
Last year, my wife gave me the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever. Instead of candy and liquor, my wife suggested giving each other gifts that actually help us improve our mental and physical well-being, and the world as a whole, by donating to charities in the name of the other person.
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Be A Superdonor! Promoting Effective Altruism by Appealing to the Heart
By Gleb Tsipursky

Effective Altruism does a terrific job of appealing to the head. However, we currently do not do a very good job of appealing to the heart. We tend to forget Peter Singer’s famous quote that Effective Altruism “combines both the heart and the head.” When we try to pitch the EA movement to non-EAs, we focus on the head, not the heart.
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9 Positive Effects of Donating Money to Charity
According to a report recently released by Atlas of Giving, after a stellar year of charitable donations in 2014, the outlook for this year is less than robust. In fact, U.S.-based giving could decrease by as much as 3.2% for a variety of reasons—including rising interest rates, a possible stock market correction, and continuing decline in employment compensation. But just because certain economic factors may have an impact on giving, this doesn't mean that you should put off your own charitable efforts. You might be surprised to learn that, ultimately, it might be you who reaps some of the best rewards of your donation. Here are nine positive effects of giving to charity.
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The Immediacy of Charity
Charity is a two-way life-affirming act. Those who seek to aid others are habitually rescued by the very people they try to save. Humanity needs a slow, gentle walk outside its comfort zone, and we can help our friends to access its life transforming potential by stepping out of the comfort zone with them.
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