Giving Games hosted by the Centre for High Impact Philanthropy  and One for the World, Penn Undergraduate Chapter

Giving Games hosted by the Centre for High Impact Philanthropy and One for the World, Penn Undergraduate Chapter

By Giving Games and Kristen Adams, VP of Marketing for One for the World Penn Undergraduate Chapter

The University of Pennsylvania’s One for the World Undergraduate Chapter partnered with The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) to host Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn from The Live You Can Save’s Giving Games project.

One for the World (OFTW) supports and encourages students to pledge one percent of their future income to the world’s most effective charities working on alleviating global poverty. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) is the only university-based center with a singular focus on philanthropy for social impact. As such, a joint Giving Game was a natural fit for the focus of the Giving Games project and a fantastic opportunity to solicit feedback on our materials and explore the potential for future collaborations.   

The Giving Game featured The Life You Can Save recommended nonprofits Project Healthy Children and GiveDirectly; as is often the case in a Giving Game, the third organization was chosen to convey what less effective nonprofits may look like. Attendees were provided $10 to donate among the three nonprofits following a presentation on each of the organization’s work and impact evidence alongside the core themes of impactful, intentional and informed giving. Participants were broken up into three groups to discuss which organization they felt was the most effective and why. At the end of the event, participants voted to donate the $350 to Project Healthy Children due to its effectiveness, transparency, and sustainable business model. Kristen Adams, VP of Marketing for One for the World Penn Undergraduate Chapter, described the value of the event as follows:

“Kicking off our Spring 2019 Pledge Week with The Giving Game gave students and attendees the opportunity to learn more about High Impact Philanthropy, intentional giving, and the importance of supporting organizations that have the greatest impact. Attendees were able to share their thoughts and ask questions about this prominent giving movement. Furthermore, students learned that it’s crucial to research and analyze organizations’ business models, strategies, and tactics prior to donating to better understand where their money is going and if the business model is sustainable. With this valuable opportunity, participants compared three organizations, decided which one was most effective and why, and donated based on the respective organizations’ credentials. OFTW Penn Undergraduate had an extremely successful pledge week, gaining 70 new pledges to donate in the future a total of $32,109.”

Kelly Andrews, CHIP’s Director for Knowledge Management and Marketing, said, “Kathryn and the Giving Game gave us a chance to see high-impact thinking happen in real time. Penn students are already so engaged in the community and the world, and we’re impressed with the way One for the World directs student engagement towards long-term giving that can make a bigger difference. You don’t need to run a foundation to have an impact — you just need to begin.”

The Giving Games Project would like to extend our thanks to OFTW and the Center for High Impact Philanthropy for such a fun and productive event. If you are interested in learning more or would like to host a Giving Game with your group, please contact  

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