The Giving Game Project’s Vision and Strategic Plan

The Giving Game Project’s Vision and Strategic Plan

The Giving Game Project has an ambitious goal: we want to provide philanthropy education at a scale that will fundamentally shift the way people learn about, and practice, charitable giving.  Why do we think we can achieve this goal, and how are we going to do it?

Our new “Vision and Strategic Plan” answers these questions in detail. It outlines the specific behavioral changes we aim to achieve, the mechanisms we will use to produce them, how our product connects with our target audience, and opportunities for large-scale growth. It also lays out a path toward long-term financial sustainability, even at mass scale. By describing our plans at a granular level, we hope to provide transparency into our thinking and assumptions.

Read the full plan here.
Jon Behar
Jon Behar
In the midst of a ten year career with a prominent hedge fund, earning much more than he needed, Jon became interested in effective philanthropy through GiveWell's research and analysis. Jon later served on GiveWell's board of directors and went on to found A Path That’s Clear. In an effort to leverage the impact of his personal donations, Jon began running "Giving Games" that allow participants to donate existing funds to charities of their choice, and have engaged thousands of people in conversations about how to best donate. Jon is pleased to use Giving Games to spread The Life You Can Save's vital message.
The views expressed in blog posts are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Peter Singer or The Life You Can Save.


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