A Compelling Book That Inspires and Empowers People to Act Now to Address Global Poverty

10th Anniversary Edition

by Peter Singer

Called one of the “world’s most influential living philosophers” by The New Yorker and one of the “100 most influential people in the world” by Time magazine (2005)

Audiobook narrated by:
Nick D’Agosto, Winnie Auma, Shabana Azmi, Kristen Bell, Stephen Fry, Marc Evan Jackson, Mike Schur, Paul Simon, Peter Singer, and Natalia Vodianova.

December 3 2019
ISBN: 9781733672702
Pages: 312
Size: 5Wx8H inches
December 3 2019
ISBN: 9781549182815
December 3 2019
ISBN: 9781733672719

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10th Anniversary EditionThe Life You Can Save by Peter Singer

“A persuasive and inspiring work that will change the way you think about philanthrophy . . . and that shows us we can make a profound difference in the lives of the world’s poorest.”

“Mr. Singer is far from the world’s only serious thinker on poverty, but with THE LIFE YOU CAN SAVE he becomes, instantly, its most readable and lapel-grabbing one.”
- The New York Times

“You do not have to give away your kidney, or bankrupt yourself to improve the lives of the extremely poor, to abide by the tenants of this book. You merely have to ask yourself a few questions: what am I doing, as a human being on earth, to help the less fortunate? Can I, perhaps, do a little more? And if so, how? Which are all questions worth asking”
- Michael Schur, Creator of The Good Place, from the Foreword

In 2009, Peter Singer wrote the first edition of The Life You Can Save to demonstrate why we should care about and help those living in global extreme poverty, and how easy it is to improve and even save lives by giving effectively. Peter then founded a nonprofit organization of the same name, The Life You Can Save, to advance the ideas in the book. Together, the book and organization have helped raise millions of dollars for effective charities, supporting work protecting people from diseases, restoring sight, avoiding unwanted pregnancies, ensuring that children get the nutrients they need, and providing opportunities to not only survive but thrive.

In the decade since the first book’s publication, dramatic progress has been made in reducing global extreme poverty. However, millions still live on less than $1.90 a day, and there is yet much to be done.

To address the continuing need, and to build on the success of the first edition, Singer acquired the book rights and updated the content to be current and even more relevant. With mission-aligned celebrity narrators and by giving away the audiobook and e-book for free on thelifeyoucansave.org (in addition to having it available for purchase through traditional e-commerce and retailers), The Life You Can Save aims to inform, inspire and empower as many people as possible to ACT NOW and SAVE LIVES.

The Life You Can Save, 10th Anniversary Edition

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