All Charities Fund with 10% to The Life You Can Save
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All Charities Fund with 10% to The Life You Can Save

A young, smiling Fred Hollows patient in a blue hood with a bandage over one eye
Fred Hollows

This general fund is a great opportunity for donors seeking to support the wide range of highly cost-effective, impactful charities that contribute to alleviating premature death and unnecessary suffering.  To also support the work of The Life You Can Save in increasing effective giving around the world, we request that you allow us to include a 10% “tip” within your donation. Over the last three years, we estimate that each dollar donated to support our work has generated an average of $15 in donations to our recommended charities. 

A Village Enterprise employee holding a tablet and laughing with a brightly dressed young woman in a village in Africa
Village Enterprise

Fund Objective

This fund not only aims to create transformational, enduring impact using the full range of solutions and strategies offered by our recommended charities. By allowing supporters to invest in The Life You Can Save’s work itself, this fund also helps us expand the network of effective giving and generate even more support for effective charities. 

Read more about our broad approach to identifying problems, solutions and charities.

Fund Recipients

Against Malaria Foundation
Against Malaria Foundation works to prevent the spread of malaria by distributing long-lasting, insecticide-treated mosquito nets to susceptible populations in developing countries.
Breakthrough Trust
Breakthrough Trust is an India-based nonprofit that works to reduce violence against women and girls. Breakthrough Trust combats gender-based violence by working with nearly 4 million adolescents in schools and communities to mold gender norms and beliefs before they solidify into behavior.
Carbon180 is a climate-focused nonprofit on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon. The organization champions the development and implementation of carbon removal technologies and practices, a critical but relatively neglected component of achieving climate goals. It does this through research, policy development and advocacy and innovation support.
CEDOVIP is a locally-led Ugandan based charity that establishes and supports groups running cost-effective, evidence-based, community-led programs aimed at shifting culture and gender norms and reducing violence.
Clean Air Task Force
The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is an impact-focused non-profit that advocates for clean air policies. In addition, CATF promotes innovation in and adoption of neglected low-carbon technologies. Through policy change, technology innovation, and thought leadership, CATF drives impact to prevent catastrophic climate change through pragmatic solutions.
Development Media International
Development Media International runs large-scale media campaigns in low-income countries to create informative and engaging programming that focuses on maternal and child health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, sexual reproductive health, and early childhood development.
Educate Girls
Educate Girls trains community volunteers in India to promote girls' education. They mobilize resources and address social barriers to enroll and retain girls in schools.
Evergreen Collaborative
Evergreen Collaborative is creating the blueprint to defeat the climate crisis and build a clean energy future through actionable, ambitious policy proposals. Evergreen Collaborative seeks to influence US Congress, the Executive Branch, and federal agencies through direct work with Hill offices and by coordinating with a wide coalition of other environmental groups.
Evidence Action
Evidence Action operates three main initiatives: Dispensers for Safe Water installs and maintains chlorine dispensers in rural Africa; The Deworm the World Initiative partners with governments in India, Nigeria, and Pakistan school-based deworming programs; Evidence Action’s Accelerator drives new program development, testing and refining high-potential, cost-effective interventions.
Fistula Foundation
Fistula Foundation is the global leader in treating obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury that leaves women incontinent, humiliated and often shunned by their communities. In addition to covering direct surgery costs, Fistula Foundation also supports surgeon training, facilities equipment, grassroots community outreach and holistic post-surgery reintegration.
The Fred Hollows Foundation
The Fred Hollows Foundation has a vision for a world where no person is needlessly blind or vision-impaired and has restored sight to more than 2.5 million people. Their work includes supporting programs to deliver more than 200 million doses of antibiotics for trachoma and working with communities to improve their own eye health through life-changing surgeries and treatments, training doctors and health workers, and pushing for change at all levels.
GiveDirectly provides unconditional cash transfers using cell phone technology to some of the world’s poorest people, as well as refugees, urban youth, and disaster victims. They also are currently running a historic Universal Basic Income initiative, delivering a basic income to 20,000+ people in Kenya in a 12-year study.
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition's (GAIN’s) mission is to increase the consumption of nutritious foods among vulnerable populations, especially women, girls, and children. They work to strengthen food systems—particularly salt iodization—by building partnerships between governments, the private sector, and communities to design and implement effective and sustainable nutrition programs.
Helen Keller Intl: Vitamin A Supplementation
Helen Keller International’s Vitamin A Supplementation programs provide critical nutrition to children around the world at risk for vitamin A deficiency, a condition that can lead to blindness and death.
Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)
IPA is a global research and policy nonprofit that leads the field of development in cutting-edge research quality and innovation. IPA tests promising ideas across contexts and along the path to scale, shares findings with the right people at the right time, and equips partners to use data and evidence to improve lives.
Iodine Global Network
The Iodine Global Network is the leading global organization supporting the elimination of iodine deficiency, the most common cause of brain damage in newborns. IGN supports healthy iodine nutrition in virtually every country of the world through a safe, effective and affordable solution: iodized salt.
Living Goods
Living Goods supports and trains local community health workers in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Uganda—the majority of whom are women—to deliver lifesaving medicines, health education, diagnoses and health products to millions of people who need them. They focus especially on preventing and treating the leading causes of child deaths.
Malaria Consortium
Malaria Consortium delivers programs that protect the poorest and most marginalized children in Africa and Asia from a range of deadly diseases, including malaria and pneumonia. Their Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) project is an extremely cost-effective and evidence-based way of protecting children under 5 from malaria.
New Incentives
New Incentives educates caregivers about the importance of vaccinating children and disburses cash incentives that are conditional on infants receiving four life-saving vaccines, provided through government clinics free of charge. New Incentives also works with government partners to improve vaccine supply.
One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund helps smallholder African farmers boost productivity by delivering a bundle of services directly to their doorsteps, including start-up financing, high-quality farming inputs, agricultural training, and market facilitation to help maximize profits. These tools help farmers increase their yield per acre, sales, and household income.
Oxfam fights inequality to end poverty and injustice by offering lifesaving support in times of crisis and advocates for economic justice, gender equality, and climate action.
Population Services International
Population Services International helps women live healthier lives and plan the families they desire.
Sanku-Project Healthy Children's mission is to provide children everywhere with the simple, inexpensive, basic nutritional support they require to survive and thrive. Sanku-PHC focuses on achieving wide micronutrient coverage for at-risk communities in Africa and beyond.
Teaching at the Right Level Africa
TaRL Africa improves education in African countries using learner-centered approaches, teaching kids at their current level of understanding rather than their grade level.
Unlimit Health (formerly SCI Foundation)
Unlimit Health, formerly SCI Foundation, works with Ministries of Health and Education in sub-Saharan African countries to support programs controlling and eliminating two types of parasitic worm infections: schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis. The majority of programs treat school-aged children, but can also include at-risk adults.
Seva is a global nonprofit eye care organization. Their mission is to transform lives and strengthen communities by restoring sight and preventing blindness. Seva works with underserved communities in more than 20 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
Village Enterprise
Village Enterprise equips the extreme poor in Africa with resources to start sustainable businesses through a four-part program: entrepreneurship training, a cash grant, business mentoring, and a savings group. There is strong evidence that this leads to a significant and persistent increase in income. Village Enterprise has a sustained focus on increasing gender equity: in 2021, 83% of first-time entrepreneurs in the program were women.
The Life You Can Save
The Life You Can Save helps introduce more people to effective giving and raises money for cost-effective, impactful charities. Over the last three years, each dollar invested in our work has generated an average of $18 in donations for our recommended charities.

Currently, funds raised will be evenly distributed among charity recipients.

Our Giving Strategy

Our charity evaluation framework explains why and how our team identifies and evaluates recommended charities. Our framework seeks to be:

  • Focused: We focus on problems that are important, tractable, and neglected amongst people living in extreme poverty.
  • Adaptive: We consider a wide range of solutions and organizations with diverse strategies to achieve impact.
  • Practical: We identify the most cost-effective charities, and encourage the greatest number of people to donate.
  • Data-driven: We draw on the best possible evidence available to estimate the impact of each charity.

Fund Managers

Our research and evaluation team works to recommend high impact investments. Contact us if you would like to know more.

  • Matias Nestore – Associate, Research and Evaluation
  • Katie Stanford – Director of Research