Charity Spotlight: Fistula Foundation

Empowering Kenyan Fistula Survivors—and Soccer Stars!—to Sew Covid-19 Masks for the Community In Kenya, Fistula Foundation’s partners use a number of creative ... Read more >

Charity Spotlight: Oxfam

Oxfam What She Makes Feature Author: Katie Langmore  Chameli* is paid about 51 cents** an hour for her work in a Bangladesh factory supplying clothes to big brands including Big W. So, Oxfam’s What She Makes campaign is working to ensure women like Chameli are paid a living wage, one brand at a time. The thing Chameli wants most for her three daughters — aged 5, 12, and 14 at the time of the interview — is an education. But her family’s story is one of a cycle of poverty trapping one g... Read more >

Charity Spotlight: Living Goods

Living Goods supports more than 10,000 community health workers (CHWs) in Kenya and Uganda—the majority of whom are women—to deliver lifesaving medicines, health education, diagnoses, and health products to millions of people who need them. CHWs focus especially on preventing and treating the leading causes of death among children. In addition to driving health impacts, Living Goods’ approach is a powerful engine for women’s empowerment and economic development, providing them with meanin... Read more >

How Our Recommended Charities are Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

We remain steadfast in our mission and know that we’ll now have to work even harder to help save and improve lives, as the already-poor will undoubtedly be the hardest hit by this crisis. "As bad as the coronavirus has been in wealthy countries, it will likely be much more devastating in poor countries that have worse health-care systems. In many places, social distancing is not even an option. Imagine how quickly the virus may spread in a crowded refugee camp without adequate hygiene and san... Read more >