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Oxfam Responds to East African Famine Threatening 20 Million People
Below is a summary of Oxfam’s work addressing the current famine crisis in the four East African countries where it threatening the lives of 20 million people; links to more in-depth articles follow. Oxfam/Lauren Hartnett Throughout South Sudan, Oxfam is providing water and sanitation to help people avoid diseases like cholera and diarrhea, which can lead to malnutrition and prove fatal. Oxfam and others are wo...
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DMI Launches Radio4Life Campaign Across West Africa
Six years ago, DMI partnered with the London School of Hygiene and Tropic Medicine to conduct the first randomized controlled trial (RCT) on whether a mass media campaign could save lives. The preliminary results from this RCT suggest that our campaign has significantly increased treatment-seeking for children under five, ante-natal care visits and health-facility deliveries. Based on these initial positive results, we are now planning to laun...
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Gifts to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative now worth twice as much
A long-time supporter has just announced that all gifts to the SCI’s 2017 London Marathon campaign (at will be matched, up to £13.1k. The SCI works to improve the health and development of some of the world’s poorest populations by supporting mass-treatment programmes against schistosomiasis and intestinal worms.  This year’s London Marathon campaign goal is £26.2k – £1,000...
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One Acre Fund Explains Why Climate Funds Should Target Smallholder Farmers
This blog was co-written by Perin L. Saint Ange, Associate Vice-President and Head of the Programme Management Department of IFAD, and Tony Kalm, One Acre Fund's President in USA. The article was originally published by This is Africa. Climate change is threatening to become the biggest crisis humanity has faced in generations. Millions of the world’s poorest people are already paying a terrible toll. Smallholder farmers are among th...
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The Unsung Struggle to End the ‘Curse’ of Fistula in Bangladesh
COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh – For almost 45 years, Fatema Khatun suffered one of the greatest ignominies a woman can endure and accepted it as her fate. In the end, it took just 37 minutes for a surgeon to give her back her life. “It’s like magic. I still can’t believe that I no longer smell bad,” she says, sitting on a bed next to a doctor in a tiny hospital. For decades, Khatun, 60, from Cox’s Bazar, ...
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PHC/Sanku’s Response to the Refugee Crisis
PHC/Sanku is immediately accelerating their Refugee-feeding program. Based on the success that PHC/Sanku has demonstrated in the Kenyan Kakuma Refugee Camp – School Feeding Program, PHC/Sanku will immediately accelerate its refugee-feeding program by establishing an initiative within Sanku focusing exclusively on fortifying the meals of refugees and asylum seekers throughout the world. PHC/Sanku’s refugee-feeding initiative aims...
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‘There is nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot also do.’
by Hannah McCandless “We feel so empowered!” exclaimed one of the women in Bed Mot savings group in Olwelai Village. Empowerment. It’s a buzzword. As with many buzzwords in the development industry its meaning tends to be ambiguous, flexible, and overused. And yet there I was, sitting in rural Uganda, being told by our business owners that they felt empowered. Empowerment may be a buzzword. It is also a concrete result of our...
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How to Transform Sanitation Access for Women and Girls in Vietnam
By Alena Sims, Communications Associate, MCSD, PSI In rural Vietnam, 30% of families lack access to sanitation facilities that meet basic hygiene standards. The lack of access to sanitation disproportionately affects women and girls, who face numerous adverse health effects and safety risks as a result. To address this issue, PSI Vietnam, with support from philanthropist Camilla Hagen Sørli and the Maverick Collective, is working to build a...
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Lumbini Eye Institute's Surgical Eye Team is 70% Female!
The surgeon looks through her microscope. A small incision is made, a cloudy lens carefully removed, a new lens inserted. It all happens in less than 15-minutes. The patient walks out. Another patient is guided in. Throughout the day, the surgical team at Nepal's Lumbini Eye Institute will perform more than 100 cataract surgeries that will restore sight and transform lives. In addition to the life-changing impact the surgeons have on ea...
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34 eye surgeons for 15 million people: Why the Cambodian eye care system needs your help
The people of Cambodia radiate resilience and optimism. Tourism is booming and the economy is growing. But the turmoil of the Khmer Rouge regime and the effects of genocide and has left scars that will take a long time to heal. For all the progress in this fascinating country, there is also persistent poverty, corruption and deficiencies in the health care system. The eye care system in Cambodia highlights the incredible disproportion of servi...
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