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GDLive is Live!
Here's GiveDirectly's note introducing their new feature: During this past emotional month, GiveDirectly had the exciting launch of GDLive. We hope this project can provide an uplifting channel and a reflection of your collective compassion for the global poor through an honest look into their lives and the impact of your investments. GDLive provides an unfiltered, near real-time connection with program participants, allowing you to hear direct...
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The power of community radio – how Development Media International  works with broadcast partners
We at DMI want to use this month’s update to tell you a bit about our radio partners. Without their dedication and skill, many of our programmes would not be possible. We have recently done some exciting work to further strengthen the capacities of our radio partners in Burkina Faso and Mozambique. In Burkina Faso, where DMI is running an RCT on Family Planning, we have recently launched a new long-format show to stimulate debate and tack...
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40,000 Moms Against Zika
In Central America, PSI's partner Pan American Social Marketing Association (PASMO) will be delivering more than 40,000 safe pregnancy kits to help expectant moms fight the Zika virus.  The kits, part of PASMO´s “Mamá Segura” regional Zika campaign, contain educational material, insect repellent and latex condoms to help prevent Zika transmission among pregnant women, women of reproductive age and their partners. Bec...
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For World Toilet Day, great donation options with Oxfam
World Toilet Day on November 19th is a great opportunity to provide others with one of life's most basic necessities that we take for granted every day. A toilet is a gift that has a whole range of benefits. For instance, giving someone access to a composting toilet in a refugee camp or community can save lives by preventing the spread of disease. Not only that, but it brings dignity to people, and having a toilet in school encourages ch...
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IPA Matching Opportunity and new Dean Karlan Book
$150,000 match opportunity! Through November 20th, an anonymous donor has pledged up to $150,000 in matching funds for new donors, and for donors whose gifts are larger than their last gift. Click here to double your impact. New book by Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel: Failing in the Field At IPA, we believe we can all learn a lot from what has not worked as well as from what has. We are constantly learning from our own failures and improving our ...
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Possible's 2016 Annual Report is Here
This year, we made bold commitments. Each commitment was made to ensure more patients could receive high-quality, low-cost healthcare from the hospital to their home. In the wake of devastating earthquakes, we committed to rebuild clinics and replicate our model in a new region where it was needed most. Because we know hospital care alone cannot fully serve our patients' needs, we committed to expand our community health worker program. When ...
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Eye disease discriminates - but we can change that
“In East Africa, life for the blind is paralysing. Many women are too poor to afford the bus fare to the clinic or hospital, or for a family member to stop work for a week to take them there.” Dr Ciku (Wanjiku) Mathenge is a highly-trained senior ophthalmologist who has transformed the lives of countless people. Kenyan by nationality but now living in Rwanda, Ciku is the Regional Medical Advisor for The Fred Hollows Foundation....
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New Details on our Basic Income Pilot
At GiveDirectly, we have good news and more details to share on our work to launch a first-of-its-kind test of a basic income guarantee.  Thousands of donors have come together to support the effort, contributing over $11 million since April and bringing total commitments to the project to $21 million, with $9 million to go to fully fund the study. We’ve also built a strong research team, including Alan Krueger, a former Chairman of...
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Three of our recommended charities at Micronutrient Conference Oct. 24-28
On October 24-28, the global Micronutrient Forum will be held in Cancun, Mexico.  Topics will cover a wide range of topics related to reducing micronutrient malnutrition, or “hidden hunger”, with a focus on women’s nutrition. Three of TLYCS’s recommended charities are featured this year: Project Healthy Children (PHC), Iodine Global Network (IGN), and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Iodine Global N...
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AMF funds 2.4 million nets for distribution in Togo in 2017
AMF has signed an agreement with Togo's Ministry of Health to fund 2.4 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) for distribution in Togo's upcoming universal coverage campaign (UCC). The nets will cover the entire population in 4 out of the 5 regions in Togo: Savanes, Kara, Centrale and Plateaux. The current schedule is for this to take place in July and August 2017. The nets will be ordered shortly to be manufactured and shipped to meet...
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