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Seva is Working to provide women equal access to eye care
With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8, this is a good time to reflect on the advances we’ve seen over the last 20 years in gender equity in the field of international eye care. We’ve made real progress and we need to stay focused on this issue to ensure that women will one day have the same access to eye care as their male counterparts. Data from 2001 from the IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Bli...
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Nigerian women embrace family planning ahead of population boom
Lagos (AFP) Modupe Adegbite's grandfather had 22 children, while her father had nine. At the age of just 19, she has decided she wants no more than four. "Why do you have so many children if you cannot feed them?" she asked. It's a question many young Nigerians will face over the coming decades in Africa's most populous country, where a booming population combined with poverty, record unemployment and roiling ethnic...
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Sanku-Project Healthy Children's Innovative  Dosifier Earns Multiple Awards
At Sanku-Project Healthy Children, we address malnutrition in rural and remote areas of East Africa. These populations subsist on staples with low nutritive value and do not normally have access to fortified foods. This "hidden hunger" is particulary dangerous for children: Micronutrient deficiency compromises the immune system of over 40% of the children in the developing world; it increases their chances of dying f...
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Innovative Partnership between Living Goods and Kenya’s Isiolo County Government to Transform Access to and Quality of Community Health Care
By Jennifer Hyman, Director of Communications, Living Goods Living Goods and Kenya’s Isiolo County government have just signed a four-year partnership that will vastly expand the access local families have to community-based primary health care services. Through this effort, co-funded by both entities, Living Goods will be responsible for managing all community health services within Isiolo county, with a focus on ameliorating the m...
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Malaria Consortium program chosen as ‘top charity’ by GiveWell for third year running
Malaria Consortium is the newest addition to The Life You Can Save's "recommended" list, based on GiveWell's rigorous evaluation and support of its work. Malaria Consortium is delighted that its seasonal malaria chemoprevention program has been awarded ‘top charity’ status by GiveWell for the third year in a row and has been added to The Life You Can Save's list of "Best Charities...
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Founders Pledge Endorses Village Enterprise as a Top Charity for Women’s Empowerment
By Lucy Valentine Wurtz, Director of Development and Communications, Village Enterprise Founders Pledge, a charity through which company founders and investors commit to donating a percentage of their personal proceeds to a charity of their choice following a successful exit, announced today that they have endorsed Village Enterprise as a top charity for women’s empowerment. Village Enterprise was selected along with sever...
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Evidence Action Beta Studies Recruiting youth volunteers in Africa to improve child literacy
by Evidence Action's Sasha Gallant and Julie Wang'ombe In late 2018, our Evidence Action team attended the inaugural Teaching at the Right Level conference in South Africa, hosted by pioneers in the field, Pratham and J-PAL. The conference brought together policymakers, researchers, and implementing partners from across the continent to exchange lessons and ideas to advance what is now one of the most rigorously evaluate...
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Dancing Queen: Visit to Fistula Survivor Padma Thapa in Dahachur, Nepal
By: Lindsey Pollaczek, VP of Programs at Fistula Foundation “My mother gave me a second life, and so now, I just have to dance!” Padma Thapa, age 65, began to dance and twirl, laughing as she threw her arms around Dr. Shirley Heywood, her “mother,” who gave her a second chance at life after repairing her obstetric fistula. Earlier this year, I had the honor of meeting Padma at her home in rural Nepal. I was visiti...
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DMI's RCT is first to show that mass media can change health behaviors
A 2018 highlight for DMI was the publication of the results of our child survival trial in Burkina Faso. This randomised controlled trial (RCT) was the first to demonstrate that mass media can change health behaviours.  The campaign used DMI’s ‘Saturation+’ methodology, broadcasting radio spots 10 times a day, 365 days a year. It promoted health-seeking behaviours, including ante-natal care attendance...
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Village Enterprise's Innovations Summit and Human Centered Design
By Hannah McCandless, Village Enterprise Program Manager We’re obsessed with innovation. We love new stuff, fresh approaches, ground breaking solutions. When we think “innovation”, we tend to think of finished products. The iPhone. The lightbulb. But all new products started with an idea. Steve Jobs’s idea? To build a phone that people would fall in love with. What Steve Jobs knew, is that innovation isn&rsq...
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