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One Acre Fund: Advocating for Farmers on Capitol Hill
Ensuring that millions of smallholder farming families around the world have the tools they need to be successful is a big job -- requiring the support of a wide variety of stakeholders. The U.S. in particular has an important role to play, as the world’s single-biggest funder of global food security programs. We know from experience that foreign assistance for hunger and poverty alleviation can create big changes. Farmers represe...
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GAIN Premix Facility helps producers to iodize salt in Kyrgystan
In Kyrgystan, GAIN’s Premix Facility is helping salt producers to manage the costs of iodization. “Before we worked with GAIN, our salt producers had to pay for potassium iodate up front and it was also a lot in taxes. Cash flow for the business was difficult. Through the GAIN Premix Facility, we can buy potassium iodate on credit and the price competes with informally imported and lower quality potassium iodate. We can...
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SCI: Strengthening health systems to tackle schistosomiasis
by Demran Ali, Senior Communications Manager, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Imperial College London SCI has been working with the Ministry of Health in Cote d'Ivoire to strengthen and develop its health systems to help combat schistosomiasis. The World Health Organization has identified six key building blocks which make up a strong health system: leadership and governance; health care financing; health workforce; medical pro...
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Designing Medical Devices for the Poorest Four Billion
This article is from D-Rev, one of The Life You Can Save's new recommendations for 2018. The piece first appeared in the Huffington Post as an updated version of one published in the World Economic Forum’s blog. by Krista Donaldson, D-Rev Chief Executive Officer Let’s say you have developed a great prototype, but the prototype needs to get to market. It needs to get to commercialization. Commercialization is key to...
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Vitamin A Expert at the Forefront of HKI’s Work
Courtney Meyer, Helen Keller International Helen Keller International’s first foray into malnutrition work was through vitamin A supplementation (VAS). Now years later, the organization’s continued leadership in this area has been facilitated by a nutritional epidemiologist named Dr. Rolf Klemm.  Research completed in the 1970s by Dr. Albert Sommer demonstrated that vitamin A deficiency was highly correlated with child...
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DMI’s live-saving interventions are high impact, low cost and based on strong evidence.
Development Media International (DMI) has been awarded the highest ranking in an impact audit carried out by ImpactMatters, the independent organisation that rates the impact of non-profits. The audit assessed the impact of DMI’s national scale-up of its child survival campaign in Burkina Faso, and estimates that by the time DMI’s three-year campaign ends, it will have saved 8,700 lives at a cost of $400 per life saved. As...
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Toilets Change Lives and Raise Unexpected Questions: PSI Ambassador Mandy Moore's India Blog Post
Actress, singer/songwriter and Ppoulation Services International's Global Ambassador Mandy Moore meets with a group of women in Bihar, India, who took out a loan together to build a toilet for their community. Before the toilet, many women had been shamed and verbally harassed when relieving themselves in nearby fields. This morning for breakfast, I joined the PSI/India team to learn how they and their partners, including the Bill &am...
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Living Goods: Expanding Family Planning Options in Uganda
By: Sarah Bernstein, Living Goods Innovation Manager Uganda has one of the highest fertility rates and population growth rates in the world—putting the health of mothers and children at serious risk. It’s estimated that the simple act of birth spacing and access to family planning methods can reduce maternal mortality by 30 percent and child mortality by 20 percent. With less than 40 percent of women at reproductive age using ...
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Ending Fistula Within a Generation in Kenya
By: Katie Weller, Marketing Communications Writer, Fistula Foundation   “Sit down, let’s talk to her,” said Joyce, nodding. She gestured to the hospital bed with a smile and a psychologist’s certainty. We were now alone in a hospital room at Jamaa Mission Hospital—one of six facilities in the Action on Fistula program. From my comfortable desk over 15,000 miles away, I had read about the program&rsquo...
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IPA Study: Empowering Women and Reducing Poverty with Mobile Money Access in Kenya
Access to mobile banking lifted 2 percent of the population out of poverty There are an estimated 411 million mobile money accounts worldwide, allowing even the poor in remote areas to send and receive money at low cost. How access to this financial tool affects long-term financial well-being, however, is not well understood. In Kenya, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) worked with researchers to track the economic progress of households as ...
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