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Dr. Denis Mukwege Receives Nobel Peace Prize
By Kate Grant, CEO, Fistula Foundation Last month's announcement by the Nobel Committee that Dr. Denis Mukwege would be a recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize was the right news, at the right time, and for the right person. I have been privileged to know Dr. Mukwege for nearly a decade. When Fistula Foundation adopted a global mission in 2009, he became our very first partner, and we have been proud to support his work with more...
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AMF Supporters Accomplish ExtraOARdinary Feats to Save Lives
'Oardinary’ Boys Crush an Atlantic Challenge Two not-so oardinary AMF supporters, Oli Glanville and George Randell, accomplished quite a feat early this year: rowing 3,000 miles in a very small boat. And they didn’t just row it, they smashed it: they are now the second fastest pair in history to row the Atlantic. Oli and George took part in the 2017 Talisker Atlantic Challenge, setting off from San Sebastian in the Ca...
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GAIN'S Dr. Lawrence Haddad Awarded World Food Prize
GAIN’s Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Haddad and Dr. David Nabarro, of Imperial College London and 4SD are recipients of the 2018 World Food Prize. “The 2018 laureates’ work significantly improved nutrition for mothers and children in the critical first 1000 days of life”, stated the World Food Prize Foundation. “Their relentless leadership and advocacy has inspired efforts by countless others that have collectively...
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Neonatal Healthcare in Rural Africa
Photos and Stories by: Sarah Severns for D-Rev D-Rev designs and delivers healthcare technology to under-served populations. D-Rev’s products are user-centric, affordable, and durable - proving to be an important part of closing the quality healthcare gap around the world.  Late on a Friday afternoon, Kyomukama sat alone on a thatched mat just inside the doorway of her home in Kitoma Village near Fort Portal, Uganda. As the shado...
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USAID compares a traditional intervention to a simple cash transfer
GiveDirectly is excited to share something they’ve been hard at work on for over 4 years: the results from their first experimental benchmarking study, a unique collaboration with USAID,, and academic and implementing partners set in Rwanda. Here is a rundown of recent articles covering this important news: In The Atlantic, GiveDirectly co-founders Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus discuss the study in A/B/ Testing Foreign Aid:...
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Restoring sight breaks the cycle of poverty in Kenya
For Juliet Gileema, an ophthalmic nurse in Kenya’s Busia County, eye health is about more than just restoring people’s sight – it is about restoring their livelihood and dignity. At an eye camp supported by The Fred Hollows Foundation, Juliet recalls the case of a widow whose blindness had robbed her of more than her sight. “She was left with a big chunk of land but due to the cataract she was not able to see. So...
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New initiative to bring vaccination to over 8 million people across Africa
This press release is reprinted from the Gavi website Geneva, 15 August 2018 - Millions of people living in remote areas across Liberia, Uganda, and Kenya will get support to access lifesaving vaccines thanks to a new partnership between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, The Audacious Project, Last Mile Health and Living Goods. The new partnership will provide a combined US $18 million to Last Mile Health and Living Goods' Audacious Proj...
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Designing a Reality Powered by Youth
by Emma Beck, Associate Communications Manager, Adolescents 360 Ayana has a dream for his 25-year-old sister. It’s a dream for the same sister who teasingly calls him “competitive.” Ayana prefers his mother’s more flattering description of “brave.” But whatever you call them, these two characteristics feed Ayana’s commitment to helping girls find a pathway to achieving their dreams. “I want...
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Why I Left Google for a Career in Development
To outsiders, it looked like Jerry Kamau was living the dream. After graduating from the University of Nairobi with a degree in survey engineering, Jerry landed a job with Google, the tech giant known for its employee perks and laid-back office culture. He spent almost nine years at the company, first building up Google Maps in Africa, then helping manage a large team in Hyderabad, India, that supported Google Maps in Western markets. ...
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The future looks bright orange with Sanku-PHC!
During the month of August, Sanku-PHC not only reached 1 million people with nutritious lifesaving foods, but also won the IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards. Partnering with Vodafone, Sanku-PHC designed a new fortification device that collects mill production data and transmits it automatically to a central, cloud-based database via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. Why is this news so important? It...
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