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An invisible refugee crisis
Did you know about the invisible refugee crisis in Uganda? In 2016, Uganda took in more people than any other nation in the world — and that includes all of Europe at the height of the crisis. In 2016, the nation took in more people than any other nation in the world — and that includes all of Europe at the height of the crisis. Unfortunately, it's not making headlines. In response, GiveDirectly has launched a service cal...
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DMI is excited to launch a new life-saving programme in Mozambique called INTENSAÚDE. INTENSAÚDE is a 2-year project with a big ambition – to save over 8000 under five lives. DMI will be running a national radio campaign to promote awareness of the symptoms of the three biggest killers of young children in Mozambique: malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea. During the campaign, radio stations across Mozambique will broadcast short 1 min...
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The Happiest High Five--Saving a Child’s Sight in Kenya
In Kenya, more than 650,000 people are blind or visually impaired due to cataract. Many of these are children who are living in poverty, for whom the problem is especially dire. Childhood cataract must be treated urgently because it can lead to irreversible blindness - even if help becomes available later in life. Brain development is usually complete around 10 years of age. During this developmental phase, the brain learns to process visual s...
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Off the grid: Finding light after the dark from Hurricane Maria
By Mary Babic No matter how the numbers are tallied, the fact is that many thousands of US citizens are still without power in Puerto Rico – more than seven months after Hurricane Maria tore into the aging and fragile power grid across the island. Recently, the US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources held a hearing to “examine the current status of Puerto Rico’s electric grid and proposals for the future operati...
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My Friend, Oprah
by Kate Grant, Fistula Foundation's Chief Executive I got the best job of my life from Oprah Winfrey. I know you think I’m just a name dropper, but I’ve never met Oprah. She has no idea I exist. I’m sure of it. But without Oprah, Fistula Foundation, which I lead, and which has helped tens of thousands of women in Africa and Asia whose bodies have been broken by childbirth receive life-transforming surgery, likely ...
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Why are Kenyan Women Suffering from ‘Mwenye Syndrome’?
By Ann Morris, Member, Maverick Collective Bamba, Kenya – Zippora holding her child. © Ann Morris Zippora Masha invites her guests into her spacious mud-walled home, where educational posters, brought home by her husband, a teacher, line the walls. Her oldest daughter, 5, is at school, but her youngest, a healthy, chubby toddler, snoozes on her hip. Although her own education ended in third grade, she hopes...
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Living Goods' Audacious Project
Living Goods employs and trains local people--the majority of whom are women--to sell goods and life-saving medical supplies at competitive prices. Living Goods is thrilled to be selected for The Audacious Project, a new model from TED that supports and funds big ideas for global change. Click the image to watch a video clip of Living Goods' founder Chuck Slaughter speaking passionately about the importance of our Audacious P...
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Sudan inaugurates Shafie factory for iodized salt production
Sudan’s first salt iodization plant marks a milestone toward eliminating iodine deficiency. The new Shafie factory for iodized salt production On February 7th, Sudan opened its first of three new salt iodization plants at the Shafie Factory, in Port-Sudan, Red Sea Province. Inaugurated by President Omar al-Bashir, the plant is a major achievement for Sudan, which is one of the few remaining countries in the world classified ...
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PHC/Sanku Dosifier has potential to bring nutrition to 100 million people
Project Healthy Children (PHC) hopes to end malnutrition in Africa through its small-scale food fortification initiative, named Sanku, that is fundamentally changing nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. Our game-changing market-based model reaches vulnerable populations by equipping and incentivizing small-scale maize millers to fortify their flour, the most commonly consumed staple food, with life-saving nutrients, without changing their prices. ...
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AMF set to protect over 14 million people from malaria in Malawi and Ghana this year
By Rob Mather, Founder/CEO, Against Malaria Foundation 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for Against Malaria Foundation’s work protecting millions of people from malaria. We have passed a total of US$158 million raised, from over 300,000 donations from people in 186 countries. As always, our sincere thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. You can follow our progress on Agreements in Mala...
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