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What does blindness look like?
by Esha Thaper, Fred Hollows Foundation To some, "What does blindess look like?" might seem a strange question. There’s a perception that blindness is binary, but for most people with vision impairment, it’s not a matter of seeing nothing versus seeing clearly. The reality is somewhere in between. In time for World Sight Day on October 12, the team at The Fred Hollows Foundation created an online Sight Si...
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Field Of Vision:  Edina Mboje's Story
By Joe Raffanti, Seva Staff Member The first time I saw Edina Mboje, she had just learned two life-changing facts. The first was that the cause of her five years of blindness was cataract, the most common cause of blindness worldwide. The second thing she learned was her condition was treatable, and within 48 hours her sight would be restored. There in the doctor’s makeshift examination room in a village in rural Tanzania, unable to s...
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Entrepreneurship is a Skill, Not a Talent: The Power of the Group-Based Graduation Model
by Hannah McCandless, Program Associate, Village Enterprise About a year ago in Aduka Village, Uganda, Anna, Esther and Stephen received their first installment of seed capital from Village Enterprise. They used their $100 to purchase vegetables in a nearby trading center and sell them at a small markup in their rural village. Using their profits, they started a small snack kiosk selling chapati (flatbread) and later mandazi (traditional ...
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World’s Largest HIV Self-Testing Initiative Expands in Critical New Phase
Imagine the first AIDs Free Generation. At PSI, our team reimagines health care at this scale every day. That’s why we’re launching the first and only rapid HIV self-testing product approved by the World Health Organization. We’re already piloting the project in Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Making sure all people living with HIV know their status is crucial to slow and eventually stop the ...
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Murmurs of revolution from the shed
by Subeskha Poudel, Partnerships Manager at Possible Pulling the dhoti up to her ankle, Dambar scrambled inside the chaupadi. A mud house atop a cowshed, today was her third day of menstruation. In the tiny claustrophobic room, her sister-in-law and her young neighbor, also menstruating, had each chosen a corner to sleep. As the moonlight poured in and Dambar tucked her legs between the folds of the blanket, she was determined: “I am not...
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Navigating new waters for iodine nutrition in Djibouti
A new water source will disrupt Djibouti’s source of iodine. IGN is working with partners to steer a course of action toward healthy iodine nutrition through iodized salt. In Djibouti, drastic national infrastructure changes are underway that will disrupt the country's current source of iodine: drinking water. A pipeline is currently in development to channel water from Ethiopia to Djibouti in an effort to improve water quality, and ...
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SCI News: Treatment starts in Nigeria; Strengthening Data Capacity in Niger
The first round of SCI-supported treatment has started in Nigeria as part of a collaboration between SCI and Sightsavers. The programme will aim to provide 3 million treatments against schistosomiasis and close to 800,000 treatments against soil-transmitted helminth infections for school-age children, in 54 Local Governorate Authorities, across 5 states.   The implementation of the programme will be supported by the Nigerian Federal Mi...
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U.N Study: Digitization of Kenyan Farmer Payments Helps Tackle Poverty
One of the most important tools on Everline Wakhungu’s farm is her mobile phone. Everline, who raises maize, beans, and livestock on a four-acre farm in western Kenya, always plants her crops on time because of text message reminders she receives from One Acre Fund. Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in Kenya, and the nonprofit, which provides smallholder farmers with inputs on credit and agricultural training, has expanded its digital p...
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What It's Like for a Blind Girl in Kenya
Mark Maina works for The Fred Hollows Foundation in Africa. His role gives him a first-hand view of the blindness gender disparity in Kenya. As a father of a young girl, he's particularly in tune to the issues that he sees women in Kenya facing across the board. Here, he shares with us his thoughts about gender, health, and education. In Kenya, gender is a prickly issue. Traditional gender roles abound, although in recent times i...
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Against Malaria Foundation Update and Great Website Features
Against Malaria Foundation AMF update, July 2017 It is a busy summer for the AMF team and partners. We are in the middle of three distributions and we are assessing another eight that require funding. We saw strong donor support this past fiscal year (June 2016-June 2017) with 75,283 donations received (prior year 51,901) totaling more than US$42m. This allowed us to fund a number of multi-million net distributions and protect 29 mi...
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