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India Opportunities, Planned Giving, and More
I am soon heading to India to meet with foundations, educational institutions, and philanthropists to investigate how The Life You Can Save may be able to promote effective giving in the growing philanthropy movement there. Many excellent local players already exist in this arena, but TLYCS may be able to play an important partnering role. Our vision is to work with organizations, retail and corporate groups, and individuals to identify and promo...
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World Refugee Day, and Giving Game's Annual Report
When I sit down to write the introduction to our newsletter each month, I consider what our subscribers would be interested in hearing about. As always therefore, I invite you to let me know of topics you would like me to cover by emailing me at [email protected]  June 20th is World Refugee Day. As we are all acutely aware, this is one of the largest--and growing--groups of people living in extreme poverty around...
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Honor a Mother in Your Life by Helping Less Fortunate Mothers
A few days ago, we sent our 2017 Annual Report and 2018 Plan to our subscribers. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read it. If you haven't yet, please consider doing so as I think you'll find it contains interesting details about our accomplishments, challenges, and exciting future plans. In May, there are several days that serve both as great opportunities to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are and a...
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Got bandaids?
One of the common objections about donating to help the global poor is that the help is just “providing a bandaid.” Really? When is the last time you had a serious wound that was bleeding profusely and you didn’t run to get a bandaid? If your child was dying of diarrhea and needed the “bandaid” of IV fluids, what would you do? But beyond this obvious rebuttal to the “bandaid” excuse for not giving ...
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Congratulations to Village Enterprise on their RCT Results
We are putting the finishing touches on our 2017 Annual Report and 2018 Plan, which we will share in a separate email, so please look for it. We are excited about our opportunities and hope to add some more great staff in 2018 to help work on future growth projects. Our recommended nonprofits continue their amazing work, some of which is featured in this newsletter. Congratulations to Village Enterprise on their recently published randomized c...
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Global vs. Local Giving, Debated
I send a special thanks to all of you who donated to our recommended nonprofits in 2017...and also to those who have supported our operating budget through donations to TLYCS itself. In January, we sent out this message instead of our usual newsletter. I encourage you to look carefully at the content and see if you find the "personal best" approach outlined in it useful. If so, I hope you will employ it in your giving and s...
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How do YOU define
So incredibly sad! The mass shooting in Las Vegas, the hurricanes in Houston, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, have been gut wrenching and grabbed our attention. For most, the recent floods in South Asia that killed 1,200 people and left 1.8 million children without schools have been much less salient. And the 8,000 children under 5 years old that die every day from easily preventable causes have been even less top of mind. Disasters close to home...
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A Real Life
Thanks to everyone who provided the newsletter feedback we requested. Stacey, our designer, and Amy, our newsletter editor, are working on changes that will be reflected in next month's issue. Those of you familiar with Peter Singer's "Girl in the Pond" thought experiment that has inspired many, including me, will be interested to know of a real life example at a recent wedding, where a groom jumped into a pond to save a drow...
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Increasing engagement
If you are reading this, you are one of our more “engaged” subscribers. Our newsletter actually has a good “open rate”, I am told -- about 30% of the people we send it to open it. But the “click through” rate is pretty dismal, meaning that a low percentage of you who open the newsletter actually click on any of the links to go to another page.  So I am thinking about how to make the newsletter more exci...
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New connections at The Gates Foundation and Effective Giving, Netherlands
Our Team is pleased that our impact is growing significantly -- revenue to our recommended nonprofits is up again significantly this year. This is happening because more of you are giving, and giving more generously! Thank you on behalf of the people living in extreme poverty that our recommended NGOs are assisting. Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of subscribers and donors to TLYCS through the right partnerships, smart marketin...
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