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Our 2016 Annual Report and International Women's Day
On behalf of our Team, I'm happy to announce our 2016 Annual Report. We are also publishing our first ever Strategic Plan, which outlines not only our goals, but also provides insight into our strategy and tactics. This document further outlines our funding gaps and is a call to action for support to scale The Life You Can Save. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Please be sure to read our Board Member Frances Kissling’s highly...
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Thank you for supporting us.
The new support that The Life You Can Save received from donors during December has been very gratifying. While our primary mission is to support our recommended nonprofits and to spread the word about effective giving, it is critical that we obtain funds for our own operating expenses in order to do this work. Until now, this has been a challenge and we have had to rely on a few large donors to support us. Recently however, we have been receivi...
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New for 2017: Growth, Charity Accomplishments, Videos and More
Not all the numbers are in yet, but it appears that we had a very successful year again in 2016 and will report significant growth in both traffic to our website and money moved to our recommended non-profits. Thanks to everyone for their support. And a special thanks to Peter, Jon, Llamil, and Amy, my core colleagues at The Life You Can Save, for their effective and hard work on behalf of the global poor. We also have a talented and dedicated...
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Our Harvard Advisory Group
I think we need ideas from many sources to best grow awareness about reducing extreme poverty. That is why I am very excited about the group of academics that I just spent a full day and evening with at Harvard. I admire their work and their commitment to making a difference. TLYCS's goal is to advance our knowledge of how to spread the culture of effective giving beyond the current crop of effective altruists, who generally already practice ...
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Paul Simon Benefit Concert Success
Paul Simon treated us to a very special night on October 1st.  He played a lot of his older music at a beautiful  private home in the San Francisco Bay area.  The event was held to raise money for The Life You Can Save's operating and marketing budget and to celebrate Peter Singer's 70th birthday year and his life's work.  I believe everyone who came really felt it was a special evening. Normally, we focus our attention on rai...
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Join us for Paul Simon Concert; Welcome our new Marketing Director
I am very pleased to announce that Laura Schwecherl has joined our core Team as Marketing Director. Laura comes to us via one of our recommended charities, Possible, that supports rural health care in Nepal. Possible's Executive Director, Mark Arnoldy, was sorry to lose Laura due to her desire to relocate out west and away from the “stimulation” that is New York City. Their loss is our gain and I believe she will play a pivo...
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Effective giving at the shallow end of the pool
I read this recent piece by Will MacAskill with great interest. I applaud the direction Will is taking both CEA and Giving What We Can (GWWC).  However, The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) is pursuing a very different path. All of us at TLYCS, including founder Peter Singer and Frances Kissling, our newest Board member, believe that the differentiation between CEA, GWWC and The Life You Can Save is complementary and a very healthy development. ...
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Help Peter Singer Celebrate Turning 70!
Wednesday, July 6th will be Peter Singer’s 70th birthday! His contribution to scholarship is significant. But I suspect that as he celebrates on this month and reflects on his work, Peter will be most proud of the impact he has had on both animal rights and the reduction of suffering and premature death due to global extreme poverty. You can all celebrate this important occasion in a number of ways:   Leave a birthday messa...
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Women Deliver
In May, I had the privilege of attending and being a panelist at the 2016 “Women Deliver” conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  This conference, which meets every three years, had approximately 3,500 attendees from 134 countries.  The focus this year was the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in September, 2015.  These goals seek to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. &n...
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What's better than flowers and chocolates?
Mother's Day always brings to mind the heartbreaking effects on women, particularly mothers, of living in extreme poverty.  For most women, along with all their other domestic and employment responsibilities, the burden of having primary--too often sole--responsibility for child-rearing is a fact of life.  This responsibility is dramatically more challenging when faced with having to raise children within a context of inadequate food, s...
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