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Celebrating International Women's Day, including great new women on our team

International Women’s Day on March 8th is something I think we should recognize in a meaningful way. Frequently, women are forced to bear more than their share of the burden of living in extreme poverty. This article is an excellent summary of the hardships that women living in poverty face, the relative disadvantage of women versus men, and the economic costs of institutionalized and cultural discrimination against women.

In a variety of ways, all of our recommended nonprofits help alleviate suffering and improve life for women and the families they support. You can see some wonderful examples in the articles below. Please consider a donation as a part of your acknowledgment of the day.

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You can also convey support by sending a message via social media to a female business owner in Village Enterprise's microenterprise program in East Africa; instructions about their week-long International Women's Day letter-writing campaign are here and in this video. For each message, a donor will contribute $5 to Village Enterprise to support women's businesses!

I am happy to announce that we have added two new talented people to our staff: Holly Crockford and Anam Vadgama, who will be enormously valuable in their respective roles.

I just returned from two weeks in India working with the three leaders of our partner organization, High Impact Philanthropy (HIP). We presented the ideas behind high impact giving to corporate social responsibility leaders, philanthropists, and foundation leaders. We are also fortunate to have Saurabh Gupta joining the technology team for HIP and The Life You Can Save. (See our Team page to learn more about all our new additions).

Good Giving and Good Living,

Charlie Bresler


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