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The Life You Can Save Australia is off to a roaring start

As you know, The Life You Can Save’s goal is to spread the culture of  giving in an impactful, cost-effective way and to generate support for our recommended charities. To further these ends, we supported the creation of The Life You Can Save Australia, which officially launched in May. The kick-off campaign aiming to raise A$100,000 for our charities by 30 June was met by Aussies generously donating A$330,000 via our new site! Together with a number of offline gifts and a large donation by a foundation, more than A$760,000 has been raised in support of our charities since the launch. Because The Life You Can Save itself also relies on donations to carry on our work, we’re additionally grateful to everyone who donated to our Operations Fund. Thank you!

As part of our efforts to promote effective giving, we seek to engage mission-aligned partners to give impactfully and cost-effectively. One such partner is MediaMath, a leading global marketing technology company with a philanthropic arm——that commits 1% of the company's time, technology and equity to charities, including several of The Life You Can Save's recommended nonprofits. MediaMath has donated ~ $300,000 of digital marketing to several of our nonprofits over the last three years.’s director, Michael Quinn, reports that during MediaMath's annual impact week last month, some $15,000 was raised for TLYCS-related charities from employees. Thanks to the organization and to everyone at MediaMath who contributed to improving the lives of people living in extreme poverty.

Over the coming years, we expect to significantly increase the volume we move through The Life You Can Save Organizations and partners like MediaMath. We have some very exciting plans that we will announce in the next couple of stay tuned.

Do good. Feel good.

Charlie Bresler


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