Want to know how you can help one or more of The Life You Can Save’s recommended nonprofits
A great way to not only generate funds for the work these organizations do to
improve and save lives of those in extreme poverty is to run a Personal Fundraiser.

Your personal fundraiser will have a domino effect of doing good: your birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, etc. will generate donations right now as well as have the potential to be a gift that keeps on giving as those who have learned about your chosen nonprofit go on to support it in the future, and potentially tell others about it, or hold their own personal fundraisers.

A personal— or peer-to-peer—fundraiser can be used to ask friends or guests who would otherwise buy you gifts for an occasion to instead make a donation to an organization you have chosen from our list.

Some of the many pluses of a Personal Fundraiser:

  • Our template and instructions make it easy to quickly design your customized Personal Fundraiser page with text and images that you provide or that we help with.
  • Set a great example (for children, adults, friends, family, coworkers, et al.) about consumerism and about helping those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Make it easy for your guests—they don’t need to guess what you’d like.
  • Donors can include a personal message (private or public) for you while avoiding the need for a car—they save trees, and can even put the card money toward their donation.
  • Avoid receiving more piles of things you don’t want or need.
  • Instead, help provide things that those in the developing world really do need, desperately: mosquito nets, clean water, deworming pills, health care, eye care (including blindness-reversing cataract surgery), life-transforming fistula repair, cash to spend on a family’s choice of improvements, farming or business training and support--the list goes on.

Examples of Personal Fundraisers

  • A 10-year old boy set up a personal fundraiser page for his birthday and asked family and friends to donate online ahead of his party.
  • A woman asked her holiday party guests to give to her chosen organization online before the party, or to bring their donation to the party and place it in a special box she created. At the event, she announced the total raised.
  • A 30-year old woman in Australia asked friends to donate $30, or however much they preferred, to one of our recommended organizations in her honor.
  • A wedding couple included their favorite TLYCS-recommended organization in their wedding registry, with a link to their fundraising page.
  • A book club, school class, etc. can set up a fundraising page. (A book group might even read and discuss one of Peter Singer’s books, like The Life You Can Save or The Most Good You Can Do).

Setting up your Fundraiser

Our website allows you to personalize your fundraiser in all kinds of ways. You can upload photos of your own or use ones from our repository of charity images, write an explanation of why you like the organization, add emojis, etc. We can provide any help you need, including tips for how to promote your fundraiser so you have as much impact as possible.


What will your impact be?

Find out using our Impact Calculator.


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