We are a large friendly group of people based in London who support the core ideas of The Life You Can Save and the wider Effective Altruism movement. Upcoming events are announced here: www.meetup.com/Effective-Altruism-London

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North Lincolnshire's Community of like-minded people who wants to ease suffering creating and sustaining support for effective charities helping the world's poorest people.

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University College London

We are a new group at University College London! Our events for this year include: A talk on the effectiveness of aid with speakers from Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, and Giving What We Can; A Careers talk with speakers from the UCL Careers Department and 80,000 hours; A lecture on Giving and Happiness with speakers from Action for Happiness and Giving What We Can; and we hope to have a talk from Peter Singer himself in June.

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