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Townsville - The Life You Can Save

Townsville - The Life You Can Save

Much of the Townsville TLYCS is made up of university students who meet informally to speak about poverty and make plans to speak and generally spread the word. There are 5-15 of us depending on how you count and our main project so far has been the Run to Better Days (http://runtobetterdays.wordpress.com/) which includes speaking to school students and giving out copies of TLYCS to interested students as well as raising money. If you're interested in this stuff and based in Townsville, Mackay or Cairns we'd love to get in contact and see if anything comes out of it :) Don't hesitate to drop us a line or add yourself to this group. Cheers, Brenton.

Brenton Mayercreated the group Townsville - The Life You Can Save

At the moment, we're just a small group of students from JCU interested in extreme poverty and effective giving. We're more than happy to meet up with people who might be interested in a similar thing from NQ, and please don't hesitate to contact us or add yourself to the group!


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