Peter Singer: What Do We Owe Each Other?

Rainn and Reza from Metaphysical Milkshake sit down with author Peter Singer to ponder, “What Do We Owe Each Other?” Click here to listen to the Pod... Read more >

How can we live an ethical life?

Australian philosopher Peter Singer talks to Nuala McGovern about his radical ideas as he’s awarded the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and Culture. Click here to listen to the BBC interview.... Read more >

The psychology of charitable giving

An ABC Australia Podcast on the quirks of psychology that influence when we give to charity … and when we don't. Click here to listen... Read more >

Is Extreme Poverty Being Neglected in the U.S.?

My Princeton colleague Angus Deaton has done us all a service by pointing to the existence of extreme poverty in the United States, and especially the failure of this affluent society to provide adequate shelter for homeless people. There is no doubt that governments at all levels should be doing more to meet this need. Yet it is disturbing that Mr. Deaton has started to doubt that, in our personal giving, we should prioritize the poor in developing countries over those at home. Mr. Deaton omit... Read more >