Op-Ed: Don’t be a bystander. What you can do to help get aid to the millions at risk of famine

Last month, in the middle of the day on a busy street in the Italian town of Civitanova Marche, Alika Ogorchukwu, a Nigerian street vendor, was attacked and kil... Read more >

Peter Singer on crowdfunding: is it actually helpful?

Crowdfunded campaigns are everywhere but, as more of us give in this way, what does it mean for more traditional forms of charity? And, is this shift helping or harming those most in need? Godfather of effective altruism, Peter Singer, weighs in. Guests: Professor Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Founder of The Life You Can Save Prashan Paramanathan, CEO of crowdfunding platform and social enterprise chuffed.org Stacey Thomas, CEO of the Wyatt ... Read more >

The rise of cryptocurrency philanthropy

In this edition of ON THE BID, host Oriel Morrison discusses the rise of cryptocurrency philanthropy as organisations innovate and adapt to changing trends, adopting crypto as an acceptable means for donations.  On the panel this week is Jon Behar, strategic advisor at The Life You Can Save.  The Life You Can Save was founded by Melbourne-born Peter Singer, an influential contemporary philosopher advancing the ideas in his 2009 book The Life You Can Save. In 2013, Charlie Bresler approached Pe... Read more >

Peter Singer: What Do We Owe Each Other?

Rainn and Reza from Metaphysical Milkshake sit down with author Peter Singer to ponder, "What Do We Owe Each Other?" Click here to listen to the Podcast.... Read more >