PETER SINGER – Effective Altruism, Animal Liberation, & Living an Ethical Life

A Rick Roll Podcast with Peter Singer How do you live a truly ethical life? Furthermore, what are the ethical obligations we have to others? Animals? The... Read more >

Philanthropy, Politics & Animal Rights

A Women Beyond 40 Podcast with Louise Pfeiffer Today in the award winning The Good Girl Confessional, host Sandy Lowres is chatting with Louise Pfeiffer, a passionate philanthropist, politician and animal rights advocate. Louise is a woman who doesn’t do things by halves. Down to earth and approachable, Louise is quietly passionate about the things she believes in, and living a life that aligns with her values. More Here... Read more >

If You Only Read A Few Books In 2023, Read These

by Ryan Holiday It’d be wonderful if a new year magically marked a new beginning. But 2022, like all years, reminded us that the same things keep happening, that world events continue on in their own unpredictable way and that in the end, we control very little but our own actions and opinions. Read more... Read more >

How to make an impact with your charity donations

by YourLifeChoices Contributor For many Australians, choosing to donate to charity can be a daunting task. There are so many organisations and it can be difficult to know which charities are supporting the causes that matter most to you. All too often we’re left pondering the big question: Where is my money going and how will it be used? Keep Reading...... Read more >