For this month's newsletter, I am really pleased to send along the Extreme Poverty Report and A Call to Action, which our Team has produced over the last couple of months. These documents represent the type of content we intend to create to support our subscribers like you, as well as the growing number of organizations and groups with which we partner.

Many of The Life You Can Save's activities center around philanthropy education: teaching people to think about their giving in ways that will lead them to take effective action against extreme poverty. Our goal is to use the web, social media, and other outlets to introduce the core ideas embedded in the effective altruism movement to increasing numbers of people. We are growing the number of subscribers to our newsletter as well as donations to our recommended charities, and we recently reached our 17,000th person who pledged to commit to donating a percentage of their income to charities that are effectively fighting the devastating effects of extreme poverty, including premature death.

We are also going to have more and more useful information about our recommended charities, the effective altruism movement, and blog posts like Roy Gamse's that provide current subscribers reasons to return to our website frequently and find new ways to become active in the effective altruism movement beyond their donations and pledges.

Giving Games are a significant way in which The Life You Can Save promotes philanthropy education. We have added a Giving Games section to our website and we continue to make more contacts with colleges and universities. We are hoping to continue the rapid growth of these games, which have roughly quadrupled in scope over the past year.

With resources like the Extreme Poverty Report and A Call to Action, we're continuing to support and partner with like-minded pledge groups such as President's Pledge and One for the World, who typically lack the resources to develop their own outreach materials. These partnerships build the distribution network for our content and expose more people to the outstanding work done by our recommended charities.

We are happy with the progress we are making with a limited staff and financial resources. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support.


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