The Life You Can Save June 2013
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Lots of exciting developments here at The Life You Can Save. As you have hopefully noticed, we have completed the newest iteration of the website thanks to the efforts of our new Chief Marketing Officer, Llamil Silman. What you can’t see is that behind the website we have improved the database for better data collection and communication with all of our supporters. Please explore the new site and send us your feedback to [email protected]

Llamil has exciting long-term plans to create an engaging, informative experience through our website and mobile applications, where the content will include both videos and articles, personalized pledge pages so that you can track the progress of your donations, and an online community so that supporters can communicate with one another. So please stay tuned over the coming months for these changes.

Peter Singer at the Oxford Union, debating against the motion 'This House Would Help Britain Before Burundi' alongside Dr. Toby Ord and Dame Margaret Anstee. They won, 70 in favor to 206 against. Photo courtesy of the Oxford Union.
Our core team is spread across four continents, but we have been managing to see each other face-to-face over the past couple of months. Our meetings commenced with Peter Singer coming to the UK and delivering several talks, including a talk with our King’s College London chapter, and ended with Holly Morgan and Llamil Silman meeting with me, Charlie Bresler, at our headquarters (my home) on Bainbridge Island, Washington. In between those meetings, my wife, Diana Schott, and I spent three days in London and Oxford having very informative meetings with effective altruist community members and the leadership of CEA organizations.

Two outgrowths of these discussions are a reorganization of the responsibilities of The Life You Can Save’s core operators – Holly, Llamil, and myself – and a new understanding of our relationship with CEA groups, especially Giving What We Can. More to come on all of that, except to say that going forward, I will be “Executive Director”, Holly will be “Managing Director”, and Llamil will be “Chief Marketing Officer”. Despite all these important titles we will actually be the ones doing the work, and consulting with Peter on key issues and direction.

Random House has been conducting a $0.99 eBook promotion of The Life You Can Save that has seen a nice spike in sales. Peter is donating all of the modest proceeds to our charity. Please let all your friends know about this before it goes away (we do not currently have a clear end date).

Peter meets the Centre for Effective Altruism team in Oxford.
In other news, Peter has answered some of your submitted questions in a short video, and we invite you to email us more of your questions at [email protected] – we will pick our favorites and put them in the next video. Some of you recently took part in Live Below The Line, spending no more than $1.50 a day on food to raise thousands of dollars for global poverty charities. Well done to you all, including those of you participating in the challenge while dining with Peter in Oxford…I am told that there were a few diners with nothing but tap water in front of them! Finally, The Life You Can Save has joined the IF campaign, a UK campaign to tackle world hunger. The campaign is drumming up massive support in the UK, with 45,000 people gathering this month in Hyde Park to call on the G8 to tackle world hunger, and it is seeing a lot of success already – at the Nutrition for Growth Summit, $4.1 billion in additional funding was dedicated to tackling malnutrition and David Cameron, British Prime Minister and chair of the G8, said that, “The IF campaign has helped put tackling hunger and issues that drive it – like malnutrition, tax dodging and land grabs – at the centre of the G8 agenda”.

In the next issue, Holly will share her experiences of the EA Summit in San Francisco and CEA’s weekend away at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. So stay tuned for that.

Please try to spread the word about The Life You Can Save with all your friends and encourage them to take the pledge, donate to our recommended charities, and spread the word themselves. Peter’s TED talk is now online and has been viewed by more than 350,000 people in its first month; sharing the link is one great way to start spreading the message. We really appreciate your ongoing interest and we hope to do a better job of providing you with ways to spread the word and stay on top of your own donations so that you can make effective altruism a bigger and bigger part of your own life and the life of your friends and community.

Holly & Charlie

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