75% of Americans think they donate more than the average. In reality, 72% contribute at a rate below the national average and only 28% give more than the national average.

Whether you fall above and below average depends on your personal giving. Was your perception that you gave more or less than the average donor? No matter where your giving history stands, everyone has room to grow and it doesn’t have to be to measure up to the Joneses. We suggest using Michael Phelps’ and other athletes’ technique of achieving a personal best! The personal best strategy of setting achievable stretch goals, accomplishing them and then resetting goals for the next round has been demonstrated to be an effective way to improve performance in many areas — not just athletics.

So this year, stretch yourself — give more this year than you gave last year and do more investigation on giving effectively. While you aren’t as wealthy as Bill and Melinda Gates, you can still have an enormous impact on the lives of people living in extreme poverty that can be helped tremendously for less than huge sums of money.

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What's the most effective way to fight extreme poverty?

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