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Finding New Meaning
A couple years ago, I read The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer. Singer argues that people should donate their money to effective charities up to the point where any additional giving would harm them more than it would help others. Singer’s book has inspired me to become an effective altruist, which means that I try to do as much good as I can with my time and money. Before I read the book, a primary goal of mine was to maximize my time...
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The Singer Effect
In December 2006, a provocative headline on the New York Times website caught my eye: "What Should a Billionaire Give-and What Should You?" The article was by Professor Peter Singer, and it made me start thinking critically about my own giving. I had been giving to charities for most of my life, usually token amounts and without much thought. I gave to organizations that worked on issues I cared about, but I did so more out of a sense of dut...
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Give but more importantly give effectively
Clare Morris is a Masters student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, originally from Lancashire. ‘It was a trip to Zambia/Zimbabwe when I was 18 that really got me interested in the developing world. Since then, I’ve continued to travel extensively. Last year I joined a team of twenty medics on the Sahara Health Initiative. We were in Algeria working in refugee camps, helping children with...
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I just want everyone to be happy :-)
When I was young, I used to wish for "Happiness for everyone forever". Always. Whenever I was about to blow out birthday candles or saw my first star of the night, I would wish for happiness for everyone forever. I never really told anyone this, because I was pretty sure that that wasn't how you were supposed to do wishes - you were supposed to ask for normal things like a bike and change your wish every time - but I wanted to use all m...
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I got lucky
 It always seemed a bit unfair that I was born into an educated, white, middle-class family in the United States.  Given all the other circumstances I could have been born into, I got very lucky!  So it's always been important to me to help other people get a leg up.   When my husband and I were still in college, we started to look seriously at how much of our income we really wanted to keep.  Now, in our late twenties...
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Just trying to be nice
I've been involved with various causes for years including student groups for human rights and the environment, adopting a vegan diet over 15 years ago, and donating money to good causes. I've dedicated my academic and professional life to promoting social change, too. Peter Singer's work is an inspiration because it's so simple and logical. I don't consider myself a philosopher, but I can relate to the way books like Animal Liberation and The L...
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My Selfish Lifestyle
Three years ago I read The Life You Can Save. It changed me. It changed my priorities. It confirmed what I had suspected about my way of life: that the best way to spend my money is not on designer jeans and gourmet food. I took the pledge. I started a public blog to help me hold true to my commitment. I gave 1% of my income to The Fistula Foundation that year. Writing the first check was hard. But it got easier. The next year I gave 5%. As my ...
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Getting inspired by cost-effective giving
It began in a graveyard. In May 2009, I first met Toby Ord — in the gardens of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, which double as a place for burying the dead. I'd read Peter Singer's work, and was terribly concerned by the problem of extreme poverty, and was looking for someone who was really taking these ideas and putting them into practice. But I'd found that though almost all my philosophical colleagues agreed that Singer's arguments were correct,...
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