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Myth: Hard work determines one’s economic success.
Truth: The “birth lottery” plays the most significant role in determining our place on the “economic ladder”.

Teaching at the Right Level Africa

The Nobel prize-winning social scientist Herbert Simon estimated that around 90% of what people earn is based upon their social capital — the places, networks, and opportunities that make up their present circumstances. It’s a hugely uneven playing field, where some of us are much more empowered than others, from the moment we’re born, to solve our own problems.

We believe that hard work is important to achieve our goals – but for the 719 million people living in extreme poverty, it takes hard work every day just to survive, and for many, that’s not enough to even cover basic needs.

As a result, people are forced to choose between fundamental necessities like food and other important needs, such as education. However, we know that education is a powerful tool that can change the trajectory of a person’s life.

Let’s work together to empower those who have the misfortune of living in the poorest parts of the world by helping to provide an education for those who are unable to afford it.

Pay it forward. Contribute now to give a child in need the gift of education.

All donations go to our Education for All Fund.

A TaRL method class in action - Yarid, Uganda, 2023

Our Education For All Fund aims to provide opportunities for education to underprivileged communities, help build their foundation of skills and abilities and improve their overall future opportunities. The nonprofits supported by this fund pursue evidence-based, cost-effective interventions:

  • Teaching at the Right Level In the poorest areas, less than 1 in 5 children excel in basic literacy or numeracy. Challenges like large class sizes and unrealistic curriculum goals lead to poor outcomes. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Teaching at the Right Level is addressing this issue with innovative pedagogy.

  • Educate Girls Universal literacy is especially vital for women and girls, with studies showing that improved literacy rates help reduce child marriage and early pregnancies while also increasing workforce participation. Educate Girls is working to bridge gender gaps in India’s education system.

Let’s work together to empower those who have the misfortune of living in the poorest parts of the world.

The Life You Can Save and Humanitix

We are delighted to partner with Humanitix, a not-for-profit event ticketing platform that directs 100% of profits from booking fees to a range of education programs. Humantix are offering a 1:1 match on all donations to our Education For All Fund before year-end, up to $50,000! $25,000 for our Australian donors and $25,000 for our U.S. donors.

‘The collaboration between Humanitix and The Life You Can Save has the potential to unlock millions of dollars to provide critically needed education to help individuals and their communities overcome the disadvantages associated with losing the “birth lottery.”’
– Charlie Bresler, Co-founder and Executive Director of The Life You Can Save

Frequently Asked Questions

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