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Fundraiser with José González

The Life You Can Save was honored to partner with Swedish singer-songwriter José González in a live streaming performance from Bohuslän, Sweden. We were raising funds to assist those individuals and families living in extreme poverty.

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Now, more than ever, we must do whatever we can to support people living in extreme poverty.

“Sadly, I do think the most deaths will be in those countries, and the most extreme economic pain.” — Bill Gates

You Don't Have to be Brave to Save Lives

Our Executive Director, Charlie Bresler, explains how one does not have to be brave—even during the COVID-19 pandemic—to save lives. You can save these lives, in a cost-effective way, through our recommended nonprofits. And amazingly, you can do so while social distancing and staying home!

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“Can we save some of the 14,790 children dying every day? The answer is: Yes, we can.”


Would you save a drowning child?

Peter Singer’s famous thought experiment asks us why we aren’t doing more.

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