Refugees deserve autonomy. Cash can provide it.

Olive, a Congolese refugee in Rwanda’s Mugombwa camp, on how cash assistance helped her family gain acceptance. The global refugee crisis may seem intractable... Read more >

The Life You Can Save's organizations promote food fortification at global events in 2021

Fortifying foods – flour, cooking oil, salt, and other staples - with essential vitamins and minerals is a safe, sustainable, cost-effective way to enrich the diets of large populations.   Programs such as salt iodization have demonstrated the effectiveness of fortification, protecting the brains and IQ of hundreds of millions of children for more than two decades.   This year, organizations working on food fortification, including the Iodine Global Network (IGN) and the Global Alliance for Fo... Read more >

IPA: Evaluating and Scaling Up and Effective Strategy to Increase Mask Wearing in South Asia

IPA’s ability to collect high-quality data rests on the quality of our dedicated staff in the field. Who are the people and the stories behind the data?... Read more >

Meet Happiness

One of the most detrimental barriers to people receiving critical eye care is fear of the unknown. People living in rural areas, particularly in low-income countries, often do not know how or where to find treatment when their vision starts to fail, and they don't know what the outcome will be for them when they do receive access to resources. This is where outreach efforts come into play. When you inform people about safe eye care, seeking treatment becomes simpler than imagined and less sca... Read more >