Donate to The Life You Can Save, Learn To Program, and Land a Six Figure Job in a Year

The title’s a bit of a non sequitur, but it’s true. In short, I’ve been so compelled by The Life You Can Save’s mission and premise that I’m hosting a class thi... Read more >

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Giving to The Life You Can Save

By Walter Cohen Why did I start giving to “The Life You Can Save?” Two reasons. First, its executive director, Charlie Bresler, is my oldest and closest friend. We go back—and I say this with both pride and disbelief—almost 60 years, and we share both a background and a political outlook. When he took charge of the organization, I naturally got interested. Second reason: Peter Singer. I’d first come across his work on animal liberation in the 1970s and had been impressed. His attention to extre... Read more >

Creating A Playful Yet Serious Effective Giving Video

I’ve been making playful things all my life. Playful videos, playful music, playful performances. I have a deep drive to rejoice in nonsense, to celebrate the absurdities of life and bring joy to people’s hearts with silliness and humour. This relentless playfulness eventually found a generous home when I got a job writing music for Cartoon Network’s show Clarence. Having been living off peanuts (actually mostly baked beans) for a long time, I found myself earning a decent living writing ridicul... Read more >

An Intuition Worth Following

"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show"; that's how David Copperfield starts. These words show that, through our actions, we can approve of ourselves and hold treasured positions in others' lives. This desire is present throughout storytelling, from epic poems like Homer's Iliad to the Marvel films we flock to cinemas to see now. Such consistency suggests that this is no mere fashion; it's part of human... Read more >