500km Run in 10 Days for Charity

500km Run in 10 Days for Charity

This spring saw a team of amateur ultramarathon runners take a challenge of epic proportions. HOME RUN was a self-initiated and organised event wherein the four team members (George, Hec, Tom and Will) ran a 500km route from Amsterdam to London in just 10-days. All originally from the U.K., the group became friends while living in Amsterdam and developed the idea of running from their new-found home to their old. With most sporting events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team decided to create a challenge that would create a sense of optimism and excitement in their community, while raising funds for essential causes in the form of The Life You Can Save and ClientEarth.
Training entailed 8-months of rigorous running and strength-building through the winter months in preparation. With an average daily distance during the event of 50km, it was key that the team ensured they were physically and mentally prepared to undertake the arduous challenge. Their journey would take them from the Ducth capital, south through the Netherlands, along the Belgian coast, before following the English south-east coastline all the way to the Thames and into the city of London (the event was conducted in a COVID-19 safe manner). By the time April arrived, with the help of their phenomenal support team (Sasha and Josh), the HOME RUN crew were ready to go.
The following 10-days presented monumental challenges and unforgettable experiences in equal amounts. The team experienced a raft of injuries, unexpected complications and more than a few wrong turns; along with stunning scenery, wonderful weather and unending camaraderie. From the endless beaches of Belgium to the neck-craning cliffs of Dover, the team pushed on step after step, mile after mile. Until on a Saturday in late April, they emerged victorious on London’s Mall, met by amazing support from friends and family.
HOME RUN raised over €40,000 for charity and, hopefully, will have inspired others to go on to challenge themselves to accomplish goals they didn’t know they could.
All the best,
The Home Run Team
Will, Hec, Tom and George

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