There is more than one teen Superhero out there

By Adam Hands After fifteen years of teaching, I know it’s hard to get teenagers to care about things. In fact, there’s no surer way to get teenagers to reve... Read more >

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500km Run in 10 Days for Charity

This spring saw a team of amateur ultramarathon runners take a challenge of epic proportions. HOME RUN was a self-initiated and organised event wherein the f... Read more >

Donate to The Life You Can Save, Learn To Program, and Land a Six Figure Job in a Year

The title’s a bit of a non sequitur, but it’s true. In short, I’ve been so compelled by The Life You Can Save’s mission and premise that I’m hosting a class ... Read more >

Giving to The Life You Can Save

By Walter Cohen Why did I start giving to “The Life You Can Save?” Two reasons. First, its executive director, Charlie Bresler, is my oldest and closest frie... Read more >