Knowing where to donate can feel overwhelming, which is why we are here to help. In addition to benefiting from our research and recommendations, we offer additional resources to help you determine how to approach your own giving journey. Whether you prefer reading materials, impact calculators, or a personal advisor, our tools and team are here to guide you on how to have the maximum impact in the fight against extreme poverty.

Read Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save

If you are considering the philosophical questions regarding philanthropy, the effectiveness of charity, and how to select which organization to donate to, enjoy a free copy of The Life You Can Save, written by our co-founder and renowned philosopher, Peter Singer.

The book outlines his argument on our moral responsibility to react to extreme poverty, as well as introducing tools to consider when giving independently. Enjoy it as an eBook or audiobook.

Get the Book
Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save Book

Meet with an Advisor

Our team supports donors who will be making grants directly to one or any combination of our recommended charities. When working with one of our advisors, our team can tailor a giving and impact strategy that is aligned with your values, approach, and desired impact. Private philanthropy is a deeply personal experience; we are available to counsel you through your individual considerations.

Where to Give Questionnaire

If you prefer to donate directly to an organization and would like to determine which recommended charity is best aligned with your impact goals, the Where to Give Questionnaire will provide suggestions on which organizations to give to based on the geographical regions, poverty indicators, and the risks factors you specify.