The Impact of COVID-19 on Effective Giving

(reposted from BBN Times) We have all experienced change with covid-19.  Whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of a business, the loss of our ability to ... Read more >

Volunteer Spotlight: Lydia Kunaka-Steamer

Our ability to reach our goals is only possible thanks to the commitment and persistent efforts of our amazing volunteers. In our first post of its kind, we are delighted to feature one of our newest volunteers, Lydia Kunaka-Steamer. Lydia is a Zimbabwean living in the UK and is volunteering with The Life You Can Save in the capacity of office support manager.  How did you learn about The Life You Can Save and why did you choose to volunteer with the organization? Google! I have had a long-hel... Read more >

About Our Decision to No Longer Feature Possible on Our Best Charities List

Recently, Possible notified us of its intent to refocus its mission and restructure its operations. In light of these changes, our Panel of Experts has decided to remove Possible from our list of Best Charities, and we wanted to take a moment to explain these changes and our decision.... Read more >

Coping with fear and anxiety is challenging, here are some tools to help

Most people think of bravery as a mythical and heroic quality: bravery is highly regarded and hard to muster. Being brave involves facing one’s fear and acting to bring about a greater good. Who doesn’t hope to be brave when the moment calls? From a psychologist’s perspective, bravery is an extraordinary response to fear and danger. Simply put, bravery overcomes the normal inclination to avoid danger. From a psychological perspective, bravery is somewhat atypical — or at least unexpected — beha... Read more >