Peter Singer

Peter Singer

Founder & Board Member
Neela Saldanha

Neela Saldanha

Board Member
Charlie Bresler

Charlie Bresler

Executive Director

Our Team


Stacey Black

Deputy Director

Charlie Bresler

Executive Director

Jessica La Mesa

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Pfeiffer

Director of Philanthropy

Katie Stanford

Director of Research & Business Intelligence

The Life You Can Save
The Life You Can Save
Operating Group

Our core organization, based in the United States with a worldwide staff, promotes smart giving and recommends a curated list of highly effective charities proven to dramatically improve life for those living in extreme poverty.

Jon Behar

Strategic Advisor

Constanza Bourdieu

Director of Partnerships

CeCe Braun

US Finance Manager

Suzanne Connelly

Bookkeeper, Australia

Anna Demant

Advisor, Research and Evaluation

Michelle Flynn

Growth Marketing Manager

Megan Goodwin

Financial Accountant - Australia

Chantal Johnson

Marketing Assistant

Angela Jones

Tax and Accounting Advisor, US

Josie Lauritsen

Global Head of Growth

Leslie Limpert

Director, Marketing and Fundraising Operations

Matias Nestore

Research and Evaluation Associate

Jordanne Pallesen

Director of Public Relations

William Reichert

Advisory Board Member

Amy Schwimmer


Llamil Silman

IT & Salesforce Administrator

Adam Sneed


Rickard Vikstrom

Consultant and Board Member (Australia)

Joanna Walter

Global Head of Finance

Emily Zunino

Operations Manager