Our Partners

Meet the key supporters, partners and collaborators who help make our work possible.

Foundations & Companies

These are some of the foundations and companies that provide financial and in-kind contributions to The Life You Can Save or our recommended charities.


Humanitix is ‘The home of tickets for good, not greed’, and a generous donor to The Life You Can Save. Humanitx aims to be an antidote to the greedy for-profit ticketing platforms and to put humanity first by driving as much impact as possible. 

Traders 4 A Cause seeks to educate, motivate and inspire traders to make a difference through supporting worthy causes. They provided financial support to The Life You Can Save and many of our recommended charities.

The Light Foundation is a generous supporter of The Life You Can Save and many of our recommended nonprofits.

Australian Ethical, the leader in ethical managed funds and superannuation, donates 10% of its profits through the Australian Ethical Foundation. The Foundation supports a range of effective organizations, including The Life You Can Save and several of our recommended charities.

Fugue Foundation is a generous supporter of The Life You Can Save. Their mission is to utilize open source technologies and decentralized blockchain-based funding methods to promote effective altruism and support projects and organizations that tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

Meepo, a collaborative of developers, designers, and project managers based in Stockholm, work together to make apps that solve real-world problems. Meepo generously developed an app for The Life You Can Save on a pro-bono basis.

IMC is a leading global market maker that encourages all its employees to help shape a better world through charity and community contribution. The programs and initiatives of Evidence Action are proudly supported by the IMC Foundation.

UsabilityHub, a research platform that validates design decisions with real users, generously supports The Life You Can Save.

Give Industries offers high quality, sustainable electrical services, and donates all of its profits to our recommended charities

Write The World produces notebooks and sells them to raise money for charities tackling issues around global poverty. Each notebook sells for A$10, with 100% of the price of the notebook going to our recommended charities.

Payments Consulting Network raises funds and awareness for The Life You Can Save through their corporate giving program by donating referral payments to The Life You Can Save.

Data Jukebox harnesses the power of web data and has provided their artificial intelligence tools pro bono to The Life You Can Save to help inform our marketing strategy.

Affinity Impact, the social initiative of a family office based in Asia that deploys impact investments and philanthropic grants for social impact, is a generous supporter of The Life You Can Save and our recommended charities.

Blinkist distributes the key insights of Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can Save in a made-for-mobile format, and collaborates with us to reach and engage with new audiences in creative ways.

Purposeful Business empowers for-profit, impact-focused businesses to benefit their communities, by providing clear, insightful accounting services.



We’re stronger together — partnerships and collaborations are at the heart of everything we do at The Life You Can Save.

Our book features a section about Giving What We Can and we regularly collaborate in the areas of marketing, fundraising and research.

GiveWell is dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of their analysis to help donors decide where to give. Several of our charity recommendations are based on GiveWell’s work.

Momentum creates fundraising tools that build lasting relationships and increase recurring giving, and partners with us to promote our book, Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save.

Every.org helps nonprofits get the unrestricted, recurring funding needed to focus on their work and they process our crypto donations in the U.S.

Double Up Drive raises money and awareness for highly effective charities including The Life You Can Save and several of our recommended charities. We also share resources to add value to each organization’s mission.

Ribon is a giving multiplier that uses donations to create new donors. Ribon generously supports our recommended charities as beneficiaries of their donation process.

We work closely with Effective Altruism Australia to spread the concept of effective giving in Australia.

StartGiving, an Australian not-for-profit at the heart of a new movement of giving in the innovation community,has partnered with The Life You Can Save’s co-founder Peter Singer.

AIDN – a collaboration of private sector individuals, philanthropists, organizations, donors, corporates and government – collaborates with us to inspire more and better international giving in Australia.

Fluffy Torpedo is a fine ice cream shop located in Melbourne that donates 20% of profits The Life You Can Save’s operations and distributes copies of the book to their customers.

Booktopia Publishing, a division of Booktopia, prints and distributes our paperback book in Australia and collaborates with us in designing creative marketing campaigns.

Key Suppliers

We’re grateful to the many fantastic suppliers that provide great services at non-profit rates.

Hachette distributes our ebookworldwide and helps us plan and execute creative giveaways through strategic channels.

Bilberrry is our website agency. For our 2019 launch of Peter Singer’s 10th Anniversary edition of The Life You Can Save, Billberrry created our website in order for us to faciliate a platform where users can easily download the book for free. Bilberrry still manages all our website maintenance and functionality upgrades.

The Giving Block is the world’s leading Crypto Philanthropy platform and processes donations for The Life You Can Save Australia in over 80 different cryptocurrencies.

Crypto For Charity processes donations in over 100 different cryptocurrencies with zero fees for The Life You Can Save US.