Effective Giving Bloggers Series: Money is My Business

"Recently, it occurred to me that money is the thing I trust most. I’m not exactly proud of this fact, and I want to change it. But acknowledgement is the first... Read more >

Peter Singer wins $1 million and donates proceeds

In the last newsletter, I spoke about being “down” a bit in the face of the pandemic and multiple world events, including the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC report. But now we all have something to be super, super excited about. My colleague, friend, inspiration, and founder of The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer, has received the 2021 Berggruen Prize in honor of a lifetime of achievements. Even more: in keeping with his principles, he has chosen to donate his entire US$1 ... Read more >

Reflecting On Our June 2021 Virtual Crowdfunding Event

On 23rd June 2021, The Life You Can Save partnered with The Funding Network Australia to organize our third virtual crowdfunding event. Like our first virtual crowdfunding event hosted one year earlier, this event featured speakers from three of our recommended charities: Moses Baraza from Evidence Action, Dorelle Hinton from New Incentives and Warren Blessing Tukwasibwe from Living Goods. Once again, our global network of supporters came together, online and in real time, to show their support... Read more >

Better Health At Your Fingertips

How PSI is leveraging mobile phone technology to better reach health consumers and providers Our phones can orchestrate so many aspects of our lives – from banking to dating to figuring out when it’s going to rain. It’s no surprise that healthcare is one of the growing uses for smartphones as our world becomes increasingly interconnected. Across the 40+ countries in which PSI works, mobile phones are becoming more ubiquitous: in 2018, three quarters of the African continent had a SIM connectio... Read more >